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Working Mum

Working Mum

I’ve been looking for ways to use my planner to be more productive. Most of the posts I’ve come across tend to be about Mothers who work part time and blog, stay at home Mum’s to one or more kids, those Mum’s who are on maternity leave or full time blogger Mum’s, it’s rare to find a Mum who works 8 hours a day and blogs. Perhaps it’s a sign that it can’t be done either through lack of energy or pure and simply lack of hours in the day. I’m not saying there is anything right or wrong with how others do it (or don’t do it) but I’m just looking for the best tips to integrate all the things I do in ways that will work for my family and me.

I guess that’s where my planner has to come in. I need to organise it in a way that works for me – and actually use it.

I have a planner for work – which I leave on my desk at work, one is a meal planner notebook, one that incorporates my DIY, craft projects and blog and the last one I use for keeping track of personal and school stuff. Without having a lever arch file style folder I don’t think there is a way of being able to incorporate them all into one – and it would be very heavy to carry about with me.

I’ve tried using my phone to plan and this works to an extent, but after a couple of weeks I forget to update it and it falls by the wayside. As I need to update the work/school planner on a daily basis, my last one was a bit dog-eared (it was used daily for 10 years) I probably replace it the most – like I did last week to: a shiny new red one. So far this is the only planner that is actually working.

My crafts/projects/blog one is used, but just not as often as I would like. I type up my blog content on my 15 minute coffee break and my 30 minute lunch break at work, but as I don’t carry my planner with my blog stuff with me, I can’t update it until I get home (which I must admit sometimes I forget and have to play catch-up a month behind). At home is where I put the finishing touches to (and sometimes even rewrite and rewrite again) my content.

Some may say that currently my life is hectic, both professionally and personally. My kids have a better social life than me (so one reason my planner comes in handy to keep note of all the clubs and social events they have). I do find scheduling posts a month ahead helps. Even if I don’t write them down in the post schedule in my blog planner, I do try to stick it on a sticky note on my desk at home that reminds me to add it in when I get time.

I guess I need to challenge myself to 1. Use my planners once a day rather than once in a blue moon or playing catch-up; 2. once I’m using them more, to start using them to plan more than a week ahead.  I’ll be checking back with how that one is going.  If you’re having a similar issue and are trying to be more organised, let me know how you’re doing, some of your stories are amazing reads, thanks for all the emails guys.