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While scrolling on Twitter earlier today, I came across a video that someone had retweeted. My feed is set to automatically play videos as I scroll, and I really should change it after earlier day. Anyway, as I was scrolling a video with the title “Heartbreaking” began to play and it was of a little kid getting beat up by an older kid.  I frantically come out of the app to remove it from my screen as quickly as possible.

Instantly I was in tears. Not just feeling horrified that someone shot the video without intervening, or that it was shared online at all, but at how it brought back the most paralyzing of all my childhood memories: the memory of knowing exactly what that poor kid felt, of being bullied by your peers.

Just when I think that being bullied was the worst feeling I could ever feel, I see a video like this on social media.  The helplessness I feel towards the poor child being bullied when watching a split second of videos like that is equal to the anger I feel towards bully inflicting the pain.

I know it’s not right to have the bully named and shamed on social media, but having been bullied for 6 years at primary school, it does feel good.  Finding out that passers by, or the bullies friends stepped in sort of restores my faith in humanity a bit also.  Finding out the bully got their comeuppance also makes me feel like karma works at times too.  I am aware that as a parent, I shouldn’t feel that way or share those thoughts with my kids (and usually I don’t) but they rarely read things on here so i’m okay for now haha.

If you have anything to share on this topic feel free to comment below, or if it’s too personal, feel free to email me and (as those of you who have emailed me in the past with your stories, thoughts and views already know) I always reply to every email from a reader.

Thanks for reading!