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Heads or Tails
Sarah,  Sarahs Written Work

Short Story: Heads or Tails By Sarah

Short Story: Heads or Tails By Sarah

I flipped the coin, I never believed in heads or tails. I’d told my friends that already, their names were Connie and Pearl. Connie was the person that looked on the bright side of things, and there’s Pearl, she’s the smart one, and when I say smart I don’t mean she’s a nerd, I mean she’s always thinking up plans, and the plans are always smart. But this one? Well it was just NOT. She knows that I HATE heads or tails!

“Can’t we do something else?” I said “Why do you have to hate heads or tails?” Connie ask. I don’t hate, I just don’t BELIEVE in it! JUST DO IT THEN! So we did it, I was doing it first, I flipped it, it got slower and slower. Then it stopped.

Time was frozen. I didn’t know what to do. Suddenly it unfroze, the coin landed on tails “YES!” Connie shouted “I won!”

“Whatever, Imma go home” I said.

“Oh c’mon Liz! I know you lost but” Her voice faded, it started getting foggier and darker the more she walked away, what was happening? It was a sunny day, but that wasn’t what was happening, everything, black, she couldn’t breathe it was all too much.

“AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!” she woke up sitting in her bed, her dog Lulu, wasn’t there. She likes sleeping in Lizzie’s bed but there was a… PIG! WEARING LULU’S COLOUR! “LULU! DID YOU TURN INTO A PIG? Ummm? MU! DAAAAAAAD! I
THINK LULU TURNED INTO A PIG!” there was no answer, she walked out of her bedroom, then down the hall to her Mum and Dad’s bedroom. She ran in “MUM! DAD! I!” ummm? There was no-one there. She wasn’t giving up. She rushed
downstairs, there they were, her Mum and Dad “right, ready to go to school?” her Mum said in a rushed voice “Ummm? I think you drank too much coffee” this was unlike them, they never drank too much coffee. “Ummm? Alright? I, guess?” she hopped onto the school bus and sat down with her friends. Connie for some reason was acting kind of gothic, and Pearl was
activing like a gangster. “Ummmm? What?” “Huh watcha mean?” Said Pearl “I MEAN why are you dressed up like that?” “What?” “WHAT DO YOU?! Uh. Why are you dressed up all black?!” “GASP” Connie said but it was really deep. “What?” Pearl asked. Then Connie said I was racist to clothes. But I said, “How was I racist to clothes?! Then throughout the day she finally
figured out what was happening, everyone was acting their opposites.

Suddenly she realised, the coin, she ran over to Connie then started chanting “Heads or tails” so they did it. The coin flipped, everything
froze again “STOP IT!” she woke up, it was all just a dream, her Mum had woke her up, she wasn’t all rushed, “Phew!” it was all just a dream. Or
was it?