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Lego of it all

Lego of it all

Lego of it all

My son has loved Lego since he got his very first Duplo set when he was a toddler, and way before he was aged to play with actual Lego (not to mention stealing bricks from his cousins houses every time we visited!).
Fast forward roughly 6 years and he now could build himself a proper den out the amount of Lego he has. However, several years ago when he had only a few Lego sets and in a bid to attempt to contain his playing to one area, (and stop standing on bricks in random rooms of the house) I made him a Lego table with 2 large drawers underneath to hold all the Lego he had (he has many more drawers now).

Side table
I used a square table, like this one
Gorilla glue
a certain famous glue that looks a little like this
Base plate
and 4 grey base plates that look a little like this.

The table was a little too smooth, so I used some wire wool I had in my tool box to scratch it a little to allow the glue to adhere to it better. Then I used a spirit level and stuck the 4 base plates to the top surface. I left it overnight to properly dry before I tested it (since my son would be using it I wanted to make sure it was secure) I tried to pull the base plates off but they were very stuck.

The Lego table

The Lego tableWe had some drawers which happened to fit neatly underneath for putting his Lego into. The finished article looks a little like this and is very well used in my sons bedroom.

If you made a Lego table, or we inspired you in any way, let us know in the comments below, or send us some pics via the contact page.