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Getting to know Sarah

My Week: Busy Schedule By Sarah

Back with another of ‘My week’ OK here we go…


Monday was uneventful: I had gym, assembly, lunch, break & my homework other than that the day felt very rushed.


We had another assembly because it was Rights Respecting Schools Day and that day I went to play with the nursery children and I didn’t really find a little friend to play with or anything but I painted a picture of Ice Cream and I left it in the tray to dry but we didn’t come back down but I thought that, that was ok.

I also went to Girl Guides like usual, and we did some parachute games, we done shark attack, I forgot what it’s called but we run through the parachute and swap with people, that the people from before tell us to, Cat & Mouse, & I forgot what it’s called but we got named 1 & 2’s and then when the Guide leader would call out a number and that number had to throw there shoe in the middle and then get it back as quick as they could.


On Wednesday I had a thing called Bikeability and I’ve already completed Level 1 so I began Level 2. I didn’t have a bike lock so I couldn’t bring my bike to school, I had to share with my friend Rebecca and we were in the same group so it worked out ok.

When I went home I decided to ride my bike but I think the space that’s on the pavement is to compact or something because I couldn’t manage to ride my bike on it. I fell over onto the road and hurt my jaw along with both my knees and I got 2 plasters on each knee.

Like always, I went to judo and I learned some new throws, and my partner (for most of the time) was called Alex and he’s in P4 and at the end we played some games and then we bowed.


On Thursday I was very happy because I finished my photography project by completing the final 2 pictures. We were to create 8 different pictures so I’d already taken 6 so I finished it, yey!


On Friday (like always) I had Golden Time at school and it was my friend Caris’ birthday.


Caris' present

On Saturday I went to my friend Caris’ birthday party and we went bowling there and then after, we went to Frankie and Bennie’s for lunch (well it was supposed to be lunch, more of a late lunch for me) and I had sooo much fun with my friends!

After I went to my cousin Ayva’s birthday party and that’s where I got my dinner (I had hot dogs, chips and corn on the cob) and I really liked it.

My mum took a funny picture of me from that night.



On Sunday (as if I wasn’t partied out enough) I went to my friend Rachel’s birthday party. We went to a recording studio to sing some songs from The Greatest Showman (‘A Million Dreams’ and ‘This Is Me’). After the party I listened to the CD and IT WAS SO CRINGY! My Mum even walked into my bedroom and asked, “What is that!?” I told her that it was the CD from the party and it was SO FUNNY!