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Cooked pasta dish

Pasta Bake – Tuesday Quick Recipe

Pasta Bake – Tuesday Quick Recipe

As it’s Tuesday, today I’m sharing my quick recipe for pasta bake. I don’t cook the sauce from scratch, sorry to disappoint, I use Dolmio Creamy Tomato Pasta Bake sauce.

This recipe is so simple, all it has are 4 ingredients:

Dolmio pasta bake sauce (500g jar), Sainsbury's Basic mozarella cheese
Dolmio pasta bake sauce (500g jar) and mozarella cheese, enough to sprinkle on the top before putting the dishes in the oven
Dried Fusilli pasta
Dried Fusilli pasta – it says a specific amount in grams on the jar of pasta to use but I fill both my small oven dishes with dried pasta so they are level and us that amount (never weighed it so I’m not sure how much it is, roughly 4 heavy handfuls though)
Garlic bread baguette
Garlic bread baguette


My oven dish
My oven dish – I use 2, I purchased these from Poundland

My Silicone serving spoon
Serving spoon



  1. First, I cooked my pasta (I like to use Fusilli pasta, but you can use any type);
  2. Then I drained it and split the pasta between the 2 oven dishes I like using;
  3. I poured over the Dolmio pasta bake sauce, I gave it a good stir so it covered all the pasta;
  4. Then I sprinkle from Mozarella chesse on top (I always use Mozarella as it melts better in the oven);
  5. Cook at 200ºC/400ºF for 15 minutes;
  6. I removed them from the oven, stirred well and then put them back in for a further 5 minutes;
  7. I added the garlic bread to the oven at the same time;
  8. I then removed the garlic bread once pasta was done (5 minutes).
  9. I then plated up, served and enjoyed it.

We always use bowls when we have pasta to avoid things falling off the plate or landing on the floor.

Pasta dish before cooking
Pasta dish before cooking
Cooked pasta dish
Cooked pasta dish

Thanks for reading.

What’s your favourite recipe? Let us know in the comments 😀