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Getting to know Sarah

My Week: Back To School By Sarah

This is my week in words:

On Monday, after the Easter holidays I went back to school and.
Tuesday, our teacher told the class we were learning about the Victorians and that night I told my Mum & Dad, & then my Dad told me they. Um. Chucked poo out of the window, and I didn’t trust him so the next day I asked my teacher and she said that it was TRUE. This week I’ve also been working on my photography project that I have and I think that my pictures are great and we’re supposed to take different types of pictures and the pictures are: depth of field, birds eye view, worms eye view, straight down, your own eye level view, leading lines & forced perspective.
Also on Tuesday I went to guides, and I’ve only been to guides for a couple of weeks so I haven’t made my guide promise yet but I think I’ll be making it in a couple of weeks though.
I was supposed to go to judo but I am still recovering from a chest infection and have a soar throat so that might affect it so my Mum & Dad told me I shouldn’t go.
On Thursday I had P.E and we done athletics and we done javelin. We also did (I forgot what it’s called) another sport, it’s practically javelin but with a heavy ball my Mum has now told me it is called the short putt & we also did the long jump but I got a burn on my knee so I had to put a plaster on it because it stung.
We were drawing famous Victorians and I was drawing Florence Nightingale. I’m not done yet but I think it looks though and I also got my plaster off (YAY), and I had Golden Time (YAY). (Golden Time is like playtime where you get to choose the activity on a Friday if you have followed the Golden Rules of the school.)
On Saturday my Mum woke me up for swimming to see if my cough was good or bad but it wasn’t very good so I didn’t go and I went back to sleep and woke back up later at, like 10:00 so, almost lunch time! I had toast & chocolate spread for breakfast and I ate it outside because it was sunny and because my Mum suggested it, and for like, well, the rest of my day I spent outside too. I was just drawing outside and I spent some time on our trampoline & our swings, then after I put my headphones on and danced to some songs from The Greatest Showman.
On Sunday I can’t quite remember what I did (must not have been very eventful) but I think I might’ve just played on my iPad & laptop or something.
Anyway that’s my week done!
I hope u enjoyed!