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Father’s Day Gifts for Your Own Super Hero

Father’s Day Gifts for Your Own Super Hero

It can be difficult thinking up something new or original every single year for Father’s Day, trust me I feel your pain – what do you get a great super hero Dad who either doesn’t want anything, need anything or is just plain fussy? Well hopefully we can help you out a bit there. All our ideas are super hero themed, so if that’s what he’s into, you’ve come to the right place.

Lets dive right in with our first find, this Superman Lego figure frame can be purchased from Etsy,

Pinterest Superman Frame

but we decided to have a go at one of our own since Superman is the favourite super hero of the Dad we were making it for.

We took some inspiration from this idea too

Pinterest Superhero DIY Frame

This is the one we made, the kids helped with the gluing and sticking of the comic strip on to the frame, created the background with the logo using coloured pencils, I already had the Scrabble letters from another project and we lastly we raided my sons Lego box for one of his many Superman Lego figures (he has a double figure amount of these exact figures).

Superman Frame

and we put it in pretty cool bag 

Gift Bag with Superman Gift Tag Gift Bag with Superman Gift Tag

We even printed off a handmade Superman logo gift tag and added it to the bag to complete the look.

Pinterest Hamper

We took some inspiration from this cute dad hamper, and this one tooPinterest Hamper

and with a little help of my old shoe box wrapping skills, (and obviously my money) and came up with this one, fit for our very own super hero.

Superman logo box

Inside the box





I do love the idea of these printables I found on Pinterest,

Pinterest Printables

I like the colours and it’s in keeping with super hero theme.

I really like this Superman card idea

Superman Card

If I hadn’t already bought cards from the kids I probably would have made something like this…maybe next year.

If you have smaller kids who aren’t yet able to draw or make anything themselves, this is a cool idea for your super hero Dad.Pinterest Superhero Hand Prints

Lastly, I couldn’t resist showing you how this super hero card idea I found on Pinterest is really cool too.

Comic Book Card

Hope this helped you, be sure to let us know by leaving your comments below.

Let us know what your little ones made for Father’s Day.