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My phone apps
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My Phone Apps

My Phone Apps

I was asked recently out of curiosity what apps I have on my phone, so here goes:
My Phone
Date and time and the weather widgets – these help me work out what day it is when I get up (yep sometimes I have no clue what day it is, the location is always on so my watch syncs properly) and the weather helps me work out what to wear, in this case nothing Thursday was quite warm so nothing to heavy or I’ll overheat
Pinterest – probably my most used app on my phone, my inspiration for just about everything
Moon Phase – because I’m always curious and I love looking through the telescope at the night sky

Shopping apps
Rightmove – so I can check the housing market in my area, I live a stone’s throw away from a very expensive estate and it’s nice to see how the other half lives (a girl can dream of winning the lottery you know lol)

Blog related apps

Social media apps
Google Keep – I don’t use this as much since I installed OneNote, but I keep it for my old notes
Wunderlist – my life saver and where my brain dump goes everyday
Calendar – I use this quite a bit for birthdays and events as a backup for my personal planner
Play Music – Goggle music has all my playlists for all my moods and when I need to be focused on certain things (like writing)
Xmas Organiser – I used to have the Present Organiser one of this, but it no longer works on my phone and the developer stopped supporting it 🙁 so this app gets used not just for Christmas but for every other occasion too, I’ve never been able to find an app that matches up
WhatsApp – for when you have WiFi and no signal and you need to make a call or send a message
Play Store – because the second screen on my phone is a revolving door when it comes installing new apps, deleting apps, etc.
My banking app – blanked out on purpose, I don’t need to be sharing that with y’all
Health – so I can keep track of my steps and heart rate
Facebook Messenger – because there are people who only communicate through messenger with me – most are family members mind you – because they have no credit in their PAYG phone
Camera – keeping it handy in case I need to snap a picture of the kids
Gallery – to check out my cool photos of course
Text messages – for obvious reasons, this app is here 😛
Emails – so I check them regularly, although based on the unread number, it’s been awhile (sorry guys if you’re waiting for a reply, I will get to you)
All apps button
Google search app – because I google just about everything I don’t understand lol
Phone call app – well it is a phone after all (even if it’s been years since I actually called anyone on it – I hate talking on the phone)

My shopping apps

My Shopping Apps

Argos – I use this way more than I should for clothes and homewares

eBay – When I can’t find stuff in Argos, I go here

Topcashback – I always go via this app when I purchase just about anything

AfterShip – sometimes I buy things that get shipped from overseas and this helps with international tracking

PriceSpy– this comes in handy for birthday’s or at Christmas, you can setup price alerts to let you know when shops begin selling it at a lower price to get better bargains

HotUKdeals – great for those bargains and the forums are sometimes just useful info

Asda – makes home shopping that much easier and I use it to help with my meal planning

Wilko – I browse this shop so much more now I have the app, it’s a great shop for buying everything from wallpaper to stationery

Groupon – handy for when you need a birthday gift short notice, I tend to buy them an experience voucher (sorry if any of my family are reading this and got one for their birthday)

Blog Related Apps

OneNote – I use this daily to dump everything for the blog into, ideas, drafts, etc.

WordPress – I don’t use this much, mainly just to upoad any photos I’ve taken with my phone to save emailing them to myself

OneCalendar – I use this as a digital copy of my editorial calendar

AdWords – I’ll be honest, I rarely use this app, but Google insisted I download the app to login oneday and I did

Blogger – I haven’t used this in well over a year, I should delete this app

Blogger Stats – If I’m not using Blogger, I won’t be needing this either

CrowdFire – I downloaded this app with the intension of using it, by I don’t think I will since everything is already setup in IFTTT

Social media apps

Social Media Apps

Facebook – I connect with my family on here and check in when we do something cool every once in awhile

Twitter – I check IFTTT is working by sharing my new blog posts to Twitter

LinkedIn – I connect with old and current colleagues on here and sometimes check out the job market

Tumblr – I rarely use this app

Path – I don’t think I’ve ever used this app