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6 Best Shops For Supplies to Make Planner Accessories

6 Best Shops For Supplies to Make Planner Accessories

I find if I jazz up my planner, I actually use it more. The analyst in me would say that’s because it’s more aesthetically appealing so psychologically makes it a pleasure to use. There is quite a bit of truth to that and others who blog about planning will tell you the same thing.

So in order to jazz up my planner I browse Pinterest for inspiration, then I do a Google search within the Shopping section. I search for supplies to make my accessories from scratch (or as much from scratch as I can). If that doesn’t bring the results I had hoped for I try my usual haunts:

1. Ebay
They have all your supplies plus all your supplies to make your own accessories from scratch (I sometimes like to filter for auctions ending in the next hour under £1 within the Craft >> Embellishments section, I grab a few bargains that way to make accessories for my planner).

2. The Works
This shop is one of my favourite shops to walk around and just browse their craft section. I find this is good for my glue, felt, paperclips, card and printer paper.

3. Hobbycraft
This is another shop I like walk around, but my local store isn’t so local (it’s actually a bit out of the way). I tend to browse online since I can search easier online than hunting about in store anyway. I like to get my scrapbooks here (my kids use the 8×8 ones as sketchbooks) as they’re so cheap and I can stock up for birthdays and Christmas. They also have a planner section and I can get my washi tapes and craft papers here.

4. Homecrafts
I know this shop does stationery and supplies to fashion your own planner accessories, but I mainly use this shop for their soap, candle and bath bomb supplies when I make them before Christmas as gifts.

5. Create & Craft
This site is excellent if you’re looking for Happy Planner accessories.

6. Wilko
I like to shop here for the specific Bic pens called Cristal Fun which have pink, turquoise and purple amongst them. I use the colours for coding my monthly blog editorial planner (yes I’ve actually been using it for the last few months). I assign a colour to each category so I can see at a glance what is scheduled. I don’t have a Wilko near me, but I have the app on my phone which makes it all too easy to spend a small fortune on there.

Thanks for reading!

If you have your own places you love to grab your supplies from, let us know in the comments below.