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Dining table and chairs

Dining Room Table Makeover

Dining Room Table Makeover

I thought I would share a project I did a couple of years ago with our dining table and chairs to make them more [my messy] family friendly.  Most furniture in our house lasts a long time (like our cream sofa which is 12 years old), but for the majority of that time it has that one tomato sauce stain that never comes out, or that dent when one of your kids decided to do a bottle flip with their steel water bottle, or that scratch from the day you grabbed your handbag in rush, etc. Just your typical family everyday accidents.  But like most families, we’re not in the habit of just throwing money away buying a new piece of furniture to replace it, I try to salvage it by covering it up rather than just hoping no one notices it.  So if you’ve read that and thought, “That’s like my house.” or you’re a make do and mend type of person, perhaps this post is for you.


I don’t have an actual image of what our table and chairs looked like before, but this is the same set we have.

Table and Chairs

Table cloth

I purchased some PVC table cloths (at the time I was just trying to match the brown carpet which is in our living room – soon to be replaced) so I found this one online.




I used the table cloths and stapled them to the underside of the table with a staple gun.  I bought 6 cushion pads and 2 benches to give us more room when we have guests (usually just my mother-in-law and brother-in-law).

I needed the table to be wipe clean so I could disinfect it easily before and after meals, before they do their homework on it, after baking, after craft time, etc.  I did the same with chairs and benches as PVC harbors far less smells than wood or fabric, and when things get spilled or dropped at the table it makes it easier to wipe it up.


This is what we ended up with, I think it lasted about a month in the corner before we moved it out back into the middle of the floor where it was beforehand.  And probably only a couple of weeks before my son spilled tomato pasta sauce on it and stained it (so glad the table underneath isn’t stained though), but that was exactly the reason I fitted the PVC cover in the first place.


Dining table and chairs

We’ve hoping to be back on track with decorating the living room soon, so Part 2 should be with you soon.

Thanks for reading!

If you’re decorating, or have some tips, let us know via email or comment below.