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5 things I did this summer
Getting to know Sarah

5 Things I Did This Summer by Sarah

Summer Fun – 5 things I did this summer

1. I went to Disneyland Paris/ Disneyland/ Paris.

I went on rides (at Disneyland obviously), I explored Paris (especially to try and find somewhere to eat lunch, later we ate in McDonalds) and, saw the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe & I went in the pool at the hotel we were staying at.  I also got to see the Disney castle at Disneyland Paris.  This was my first time being in France.  I enjoyed the Star Wars rollercoaster that I went on, the most because it was really fast.  My Mum hates rollercoasters but she got dragged onto the Star Wars rollercoaster so that was funny.  I hated the fact I was just a little too short to go on the Indiana Jones ride.  I also didn’t like the fact a lot of the rides were shut.

Disneyland Paris

2. Went to Blackpool, England.

I enjoyed going on The Big One for the first time (I’ve always been too little up until now).  When we were at the apartment, there was a false fire alarm that I slept right through 🙁  So I missed all the excitement and fire engines outside. 

The Big One Blackpool

3. I took part in the Summer Reading Challenge.

And completed it of course.  There’s a theme every year and this year, the theme was Mischief Makers, with characters from the Beano comics.  I got to read some really cool books.  I didn’t like the fact that during the summer holidays we came down to the Library and at least 3 times it was shut.  

Mischief Makers

4. Went to the Edinburgh Fringe.

This was the first time my little brother and I have ever been to the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, usually my Granny watches us while my Mum and Dad go.  The thing I enjoyed most was the show, Game On! (2.0).  When we were walking to our first show and we saw a street performer, and we watched him for a bit, but the bad part was when we had to leave :”’-(

Edinburgh Fringe

5. I went to The Tag’d event Paisley Town Centre.

I really enjoyed going on the bouncy castle and playing tig (as we call it in Scotland but some people might know it as tag) with some people on it. (One of them was also my little brother’s friend from nursery.)  There was a game trail sort of thing and I lost in one of them.


Thanks for reading!

Tells us what you did this summer in the comments below, your comments and emails always make me smile.