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Entrance Hallway Makeover

Entrance Hallway Makeover

Our entrance hallway has been known as a dumping ground, especially since we get home late most days.  So hanging up our coats/jackets and kicking off our shoes into the corner is about as good as it gets.  Usually as the kids have homework and we like to get changed after we get home from work, not mention the list of chores to do and of course dinner.


Normally I take pictures of every project I do in my house before I even decide what to do with it.  This helps my thought process and to also visualise the amount of stuff I need organise before anything can even be moved.  This time I took images as I was beginning the project.

Before Before

Before During 

I made a plan in my planner of how it currently looked.


I also did my usual process of making bundles each for: Bin, Charity Shop/Freecycle, Keep (in the hallway) and Keep (new home elsewhere in the house)

Once I had everything in the correct piles, I binned the Bin pile, took pictures and added the things to Freecycle to give away and finally found a new home elsewhere in the house for items we wanted to keep.

I put to the side the items in the pile to keep in the hallway and began deciding the layout.


Then I got to work on cleaning and moving everything into position.


The carrier bags you see in the middle image below are items either on Freecycle or awaiting a drive to the charity shop.

After After After

I added a basic command centre into the hallway where we house chore charts, mail, important information, etc. as we can all be a bit scatter brained at times.

I do plan on changing this again in the near future as I don’t believe this holds enough storage for four of us to house all our coats/jackets, bags, shoes, hats, scarfs, etc.  I’ll be sure to let you know how it turns out in another post.

Thanks for reading!

If you’re decorating, or have some tips, let us know via email or comment below.