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5 things I did this summer
Getting to know Morag

5 Things I Did This Summer by Morag

Summer Fun – 5 things I did this summer

1. Went to Paris, France.

This was my first time in France, let alone a Paris.  We decided to take the kids to Disneyland, but it was very disappointing as a lot of the rides weren’t on, the queues for the rides that were on were crazy long and the people in the queues were so rude (no awareness of your personal space, not to mention the number of people cutting lines was pretty unreal).  They took full advantage of the fact there was nothing nearby and hiked up the price of all the restaurants in the parks/village, prices we would never dream of paying for a burger, chips and a drink.  I’m glad we took them as we can always say we’ve gone, but we definitely won’t be back.  I did get to see the Eiffel Tower  and the Arc de Triomphe which were a bit surreal, almost like I was suddenly in a film or TV show I’d that was set in Paris.


2. Went to Blackpool, England.

This is more of a regular haunt for us, we went last year around Easter time.  This year we went during the summer for a change and it was busy, but the queues were not too bad and ALL the rides were working.  We even did a few things on the piers this time.


3. I ran a 5K with my family (& a few friend’s families also, we have another one coming up in August).

This was in Pollok Park in Glasgow first thing on a Sunday morning.  It was a free event ran by Decathalon (the sports shop) and they even gave us a medal and a goodie bag!  So well organised.  We arrived a little late and missed the warm up though.


4. Saw the 2018 European Championship Track Cycling Final at the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome.

This was the first time we’d been in the Velodrome in the East End of Glasgow.  It was built during the redevelopment of the East End and used during the Commonwealth Games in 2014.  A proud moment for Glasgow and Scotland.  We couldn’t get time off work together to go see the any of events during the Commonwealth despite the local discounts they were still quite expensive as well.  But now we can always say we saw the European Championship final here.


5. We [finally] took the kids to the Edinburgh Fringe this year.

We’ve been talking about doing it for years and then it was over before got around to taking them.  We went to The Free Sisters venue and watched quite a few of their child aimed free shows, but the kids loved it and we had fun too, some of it was aimed at adults as well as kids.

The Edinburgh Fringe

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Tells us what you did this summer in the comments below, your comments and emails always make us smile.