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More Storage for the Star Wars Room

After just over a year, my son was using the “lack of storage” as an excuse for not putting his toys (mainly Lego) away. So we decided it was time to call his bluff by giving have him more storage and once again giving his bedroom a makeover.

There are tonnes of ideas for storing Lego and making Lego tables on Pinterest. I used this last time for inspiration on making his Lego table before we fully decorated his bedroom last year. Since then the table has become a little small for his needs and his Lego collection is still growing with every Christmas and birthday! So I tried simply using Google images for ideas and Pinning the ones I liked to Pinterest instead.

I ordered a few more drawer units to separate the Lego out into colours, making it easier for him to locate the pieces he needs for his sets.

Sorted Lego Drawers
Sorted Lego Drawers
Old Lego drawer to be sorted
Old Lego drawer to be sorted
Red Lego Drawer
Red Lego Drawer

He’s been helping me sort out the colours and looking forward to sleeping in his new look room once it’s all sorted.  Based on the overflowing red/brown drawer I think we may need more drawers mind you!

I have also ordered a loft bed frame so we can make better use of the floor space, as walking around the current low bed is proving quite hazardous with all the Lego lying about, so that gets delivered on Friday.

High Sleeper

The biggest thing in his room (besides his bed) is the football table, it’s a 3ft one he got for birthday one year and everyone in the house has managed to walk into it at some point in his room.  Being 3ft you might think, that’s not so big, but the actual pitch is 3ft, the handles that stick out the side are an extra foot either side (hence the bruises I have on my thighs when trying to walk in his bedroom!) which take up so much space.  We try pushing it against a wall but it still sticks out  about 5ft each way, and until we move to a house big enough to have a games room, we’re stuck with the space we have, which is why I ordered the bed.  It can slide underneath it and pull out when required.  We use the space underneath it but not completely getting round to the side at the wall is not easy.

Once the current bed has gone I plan on building a bigger Lego table with the bookcases we recently bought and the top off an old table.  But that will be next weeks project as there is no room to store it until the new bed arrives and is in place.

So check back here (hopefully) next Sunday and we should be finished his room.

If you’re working on your own DIY project, or have some tips for us, use the comments below or email us directly – we love reading them.