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Favourite Authors
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Morag’s Favourite Authors

Morag’s Favourite Authors

There are many authors whose books I enjoy reading.  There’s nothing quite like reading a nice book with a mug of gingerbread hot chocolate topped with cream on a cold winter’s night.  I like to immerse myself in another world where I’m the detective or PI solving a mystery, or the one on a laborious journey into what may seem like the depths of hell itself only to emerge the victor.  But 3 of my top favourite authors are:


Michael Connelly

The first book I ever picked up of Michael Connelly’s was Angels Flight.  I was at college and I was studying my Higher English, so needed a book to write about for my assessment.  I went into WHSmith and picked up Angel’s Flight which I think had not long been released so it was on “special offer” shelf.  We were also reading The Crucible and our main themes were witch hunting, scapegoats and how prejudices affect people’s decision.  And despite the fact that the book seriously gripped me from beginning to end, it touched on lots of those issues, mainly the prejudice was racism within the LAPD which it covers very well.  After I finished it, I went back to WHSmith and spent quite a lot of my college bursary buying every other Michael Connelly book he had published up until Angel’s Flight – well worth it, I still have those books to this day and I’ve reread them all several times over.  Since I got my Kindle I’ve not really bought many paperbacks, but my wonderful other half bought me 4 Micheal Connelly books for my birthday a couple of months ago, that reminds me, I must find time to read them!


John Connolly

I picked up Every Dead Thing whilst in a supermarket one day (as they tend to sell newer books discounted more so than book shops), I read the synopsis while pushing my trolley around and I liked the sound of it, so I bought it.  Then after that John Connolly’s character Charlie Parker became my new obsession, buying his books whenever they came out.  I will sadly confess I have 6 Charlie Parker novels unread on my kindle – I seriously need to find time to read them…perhaps on the train in the morning on my way into work.


J.R.R. Tolkien

I can’t imagine there’s anyone you could bump into these days who doesn’t know who this man is and what characters he created!  Reading the Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings helped me submerge myself in a fantasy world and forget my real surroundings when I was much younger.  Granted there are some strange looking words (some of which I had no idea how to pronounce until the movies came out!) and the way they are written takes a little getting used to, but once you get into the swing of them, you won’t regret reading them.


Thanks for reading!

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