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Almost there in the Star Wars bedroom…

Almost there in the Star Wars bedroom…

I would like to report that J’s bed arrived and is now in situ.  He only had to spend one night out of his bedroom while we partially dismantled his old bed, move all the stuff out the way and assemble his new bed.  Glad that bit is over since I don’t think we could handle another night of him and Sarah sharing a bedroom!    You can tell neither of them are used to sharing a room, since they spent almost till midnight chatting….

Anyway I digress, the bed is up and he’s in it tonight.  We still need to remove the old bed from his room but can’t find the right size of spanner to loosen the nuts.  His new Lego table is built and in place, his new Lego drawers are in and we just need to add the labels.

New Lego table
New Lego table

Everything else in the room just needs reorganised.  There’s still a 1×2 cube unit to be built and placed on top of the current cube unit, a few boxes to be tidied out, new canvas cube boxes to be built up, to find a place for the media unit and his books to be moved once the new cube unit is in place.


I also need to find a home for his wrestling ring and the wrestlers.  The football table that pretty much dominated the room before looks much smaller but is covered in a few of J’s arts and craft creations for lack of anywhere else to put them at present, but that’s probably the last thing we’ll do in the room.

Under the bed

So check back here (hopefully) next Sunday and we will ACTUALLY be finished his room.

If you’re working on your own DIY project, or have some tips for us, use the comments below or email us directly – we love reading them.