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Macaroni Cheese Bites

Macaroni Cheese Bites – Tuesday Quick Recipe

Macaroni Cheese Bites


Macaroni Pasta

450g macaroni pasta

Grated Cheese

900g grated cheese (I like to use a mixture of different cheeses, various strength cheddars, gouda, etc.)


2 tbsp butter

Plain Flour

2 tbsp plain flour

Black Pepper

½ tsp pepper

Whole Milk

350ml milk


3 eggs (whisked)


250g breadcrumbs


2 tbsp Cajun seasoning

Vegetable Oil

A little vegetable oil (for frying)





Red Bowl

3 mixing bowls

Wooden Spoon

Wooden spoon



Baking Tray

2 baking trays

Deep Fryer

Deep fryer


Cook pasta according to package directions, in a large pot.

Drain the pasta into a pasta strainer and set aside. Using the same pot, melt 2 tablespoons butter over medium heat. Whisk in 2 tablespoons flour and ½ teaspoon pepper. Cook for about a minute, whisking frequently. Whisk in all the milk and cook till the sauce starts to bubble and thicken, it usually only takes about 5 minutes.

Add in grated cheese and stir until completely melted. Add the pasta into the sauce and stir until completely covered in the sauce.  Allow to cool in the fridge for a few hours, but ideally overnight.

After the macaroni cheese has cooled, using three bowls, place the remaining flour in one, whisked eggs in another, and breadcrumbs and Cajun seasoning in another.

Scoop out a heaping tablespoon of macaroni cheese and form it into a ball in your hands. (Oh and if won’t form a ball and hold together, it’s probably not cold enough. Stick it back in the fridge until you’re able to form a ball when you roll the mac and cheese in your hands.) Roll each of the balls in the flour, then eggs, and lastly the breadcrumb mixture, ensuring the macaroni cheese is completely coated with breadcrumbs. Place onto a baking sheet. Repeat till you have used up all the macaroni cheese.

If making ahead of time and freezing, freeze the breaded bites on a baking sheet for an hour before placing into a Ziplock bag. Freeze for up to 3 months.

Heat vegetable oil in a deep fryer or heavy pot to 350 degrees. If using a pot, use enough vegetable oil to just cover the macaroni cheese bites. Fry in batches for 5 minutes, or until golden brown. Be careful not to overcrowd your fryer or pan as it makes the bites stick together.

If you’re frying frozen bites, fry 5 minutes to ensure the bites are cooked all the way through.**

They are best to serve while they are warm!


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