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Getting to know Morag

A Day In The Life Of Morag

A Day In The Life Of Morag

Some may see my life as being very hectic, and it is, but in a good way.
My typical Thursday looks like this:
06:20 – Get up, get the kids up for school, everyone has showers and gets ready
07:05 – I make lunches for the day while the kids pick their daily snacks
07:25 – We all leave the house and drop the kids at the Breakfast Club in their school, then drive straight to the train station
07:37 – Get on the train (sometimes getting a seat)
08:05 – Get into work and a day of problem analysis begins
12:30 – 13:00 – Have lunch (usually at my desk so I can type some blog stuff up, sometimes I go for a walk)
16:30 – Finish work and head for the train
17:00 – Get off the train and walk to the school (only a mile away) to get my steps up for the day 😀
17:20 – (Depending on traffic as I have roads to cross) I pick up the kidsfrom after school care, then walk home with them
17:35 – We get home, the kids start doing their homework while I start making dinner
17:50 – John gets home
18:30 – We all sit down to dinner
19:00 – The kids get ready for bed (PJ’s on, teeth brushed, etc.) while I do as much housework as I can cram into an hour/hour and a half
20:00 – 21:00 – I have a coffee, get into my PJ’s and sit down to make a start on blog posts
21:00 – We get the kids to switch off their screens, turn off the lights and lie down ready for sleeping while I go back to working on blog posts for another hour or so
22:00 – John and I sit down to watch TV and chill out (unless he wants to watch a TV show I’m not watching, then I’ll go upstairs and watch one of my TV shows or work more on blog posts for scheduling)
Between 23:30 – 00:00 – I finally go to bed and sleep

As you can see, busy, busy, busy. The only thing I would perhaps change is when I get off the train every day, even if there’s hail stones bouncing off the pavement, I have to walk passed our car – as I don’t drive, yet!
So it’s a little demoralising when it’s snowing and I have to walk to the school. I just tell myself, ‘2 smiley faces when I get to the school and a hot cup of coffee as a reward for getting up this hill.’ I’m not sure if it’s that which helps or the fact I zone out for most of the walk, or look at my phone if it’s a dry day. I try to plan in my head things I can get done later that day/night or if the kids have a club, where they’ve put their e.g. Judo robes, Girl Guides outfit, etc. I know we’ve been doing the same thing and they’ve been in the same clubs for more than 5 years (my daughter anyway, not my son as he’s only 7) now so we really should be like a well oiled machine by this stage. That’s not the case, on Wednesday’s when the kids have Judo (which starts at 6pm) I have to leave work earlier, pick the kids up earlier, skip the homework, make them dinner earlier and get them back round to the school for 6pm. I’m more like Captain Harris (Police Academy reference for you there – I love those films) screaming “Move it! Move it! Move it!” to them to get them back out the door on time.

I’m trying to be a bit more organised, having the meal planner is helping more. Having the calendar in the kitchen to keep everyone else in the house up to date on when their activities are (sometimes I feel like I’m the only one that remembers to write these things up haha!) helps too.

Also the kids have been making use of their chore charts more, especially my son, who has realised the hard way that if you don’t put the work in, you can’t reap the rewards (for a week he decided to pretend he did his chores and just ticked the boxes on his chart…until he ran out of socks, the cheeky monkey – long story short he wasn’t bringing his washing basket downstairs and emptying it – so he got no pocket money for that week).

Well that’s all about me for this week. Tell me about you? Get in touch, we love hearing your stories of how you stay organised while being a busy working Mum.

As always, thanks for reading!

Feel free to let us know you’re busy schedule, thanks for the emails from last Friday’s post, and your stories are always a pleasure to read, sorry if we’ve not replied to you yet, we are getting there honest!