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Planner Accessories

Planner Accessories

Today I made some planner accessories in the form of paperclips, to match the dividers I made myself a few months ago for my blog planner.  My theme is my favourite bird in the whole world: owls (obviously).

Some of the little felt die cuts I made to begin with.

Little Felt Owls

Some of the finished paperclips, I made them in a few different colour variations.

Paperclip Owl Paperclip Owl Paperclip Owl

Using them in my planner.

Owl Paperclip in My Diary Paperclip Owl

I also made a little felt owl to go on the front of my planner (to tell the truth I made a mistake with it and couldn’t fix it, so I stuck a paperclip to the back of it and clipped it onto the elastic that holds my planner closed), which I just love!

Owl Paperclip On the Front Of My Planner Owl Paperclip On the Front Of My Planner

Let me know what cool things you’ve made or bought for your planner recently, I love reading those emails.

Thanks for reading!