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My Week: Busy Schedule By Morag

My Week: Busy Schedule By Morag


Wasn’t so bad.

I was a bit more awake than I had been last week since I was off for two days thanks to taking a reaction to the flu Jag.

Images to get quite a bit of work done in work despite the fact the head of our department has moved his seat into our team and on a micromanagement phase at the moment feeling the need to scrutinise our work and practices….aaaah!


Got soaked walking to the train station on my way to work, then had to do a sprint finish to get on it before the doors closed – Usain Bolt would have been proud, I felt like taking a bow before I sat down.

Most of my team at work were in today, so triaging defects became a bit more manageable.

A member of my team asked a few of us today (all females) if our partners ever called us up at work to tell us about his bowl movements at work…that got a few odd looks! I had to confess, that fortunately my partner has never felt the need to overshare such details with me.

Got soaked walking to the school after work, to pick up the kids from after school care. I even made macaroni cheese before Sarah had to attend her Girl Guide meeting.

Managed to reorganise some of my drafts on my editorial calendar, schedule a few posts, write a few more and take some decent pictures.


Wasn’t the best of days.

I slept in, so got into work late. It did mean I got a lift to the train station so I wasn’t roasting by the time I got onto the overcrowded sweat box of a train (thanks for experience every morning Scotrail – no idea why we even need heating on the train when it gets so crowded anyway, even in winter it’s never cold on the train).

I went to a meeting in one of our other sites and sat about for 20 mins only to find out when I got back to my office that it had been cancelled, the owner of the meeting forgot to tell me.

A few members of my team were at the Women in Tech conference in the SEC (I wasn’t there as someone had to hold down the fort lol), and a few more were on holiday, so that didn’t help and meant we were skeleton staff.

I also had to attend an emergency meeting about a high priority system issue and was left handling lots of paperwork as a result 🙁 The whole department were supposed to login to some website and do some e-learning, which really made no sense for them to schedule it the same day as the Women in Tech conference as half the department couldn’t exactly do both. Needless to say I got no training done.

I was supposed to leave work early so the kids could get time to eat dinner before Judo, but I left half an hour later than planned.

My partner messaged to say he was also going to be late so instead of him taking the kids to Judo I had to walk there with them. He did pick them up to be fair – he’s a good soul really 😀

To top it off the weather was like 21 degrees! In Autumn, what’s that about? I’m a winter kind of person, so this random unseasoned weather really knocked me for six. Thank goodness the weather said it was only for one day or I might have had to work from home to avoid it for the rest of the week!

There was only one thing I needed, no TV and an early night (I think I fell asleep before the kids were even asleep to be honest).


Thursday was a bit better. My walk to the train station started out with me leaving later than I had planned, but the train was running late so I managed to get it anyway – yey!

Work wasn’t as overwhelming as it had been on Wednesday, it was still pretty busy but fortunately it went pretty fast.

It wasn’t all great though, I got drenched walking home from the train station to pick up the kids – can’t have it all ways I suppose! 😀


I made it! At long last Friday came.

I couldn’t be bothered walking to the train station as Storm Callum raged outside so I went for the later train and got a lift to the station.

Friday’s are the day where everyone in work is more laid back and we try our best not to overdo the workload lol  Despite the usual Friday chatter I was quite productive.

At the end of the day I enjoyed setting my out of office for a week 😀

Takeaway for dinner, jammies on and a family movie on the TV. My best part of the entire week. 

What was your favourite part of the week?  Let us know in the comments, or by email.