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My review of Seton Sands
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My Review of Seton Sands (Haven)

My Review of Seton Sands (Haven)

This is a review of our recent holiday: facilities, accommodation and nearby area.

I used the Sun Holidays for £10 deal (I found the codes on Holiday Pirates) and booked our holiday well in advance to be guaranteed a decent park.  It didn’t cost us £10 but we did save over £100 on it using the codes.  They do offer mainland Europe, but as we had already been to Paris this year, our budget wasn’t quite stretching for flights, staying in Scotland meant we could fill up the car and just drive there and back.

We stayed in the caravan park (Haven) at Seton Sands and although we used it as a base, there was also a lot of entertainment on during the October week when kids were off school.

As the entertainment hadn’t been announced when we booked, we also chose to go to Deep Sea World, North Queensferry and Edinburgh Zoo which were our only paid excursions.  I did save some money on them as I bought the tickets via the Kids Pass app which I signed up for, for £1.

We ate at the restaurant several times within the caravan park.  It was roughly £32-£40 for 2 adults and 2 kids to eat lunch/dinner each time.  The food was good, however one night during dinner we waited over an hour for our meals and when it came it was slightly overcooked.  Another night they managed to set fire to the grill so service was a bit slow.

The takeaway coffee wasn’t up to much, it was very watery and as I had a latte I would expect it to taste more milky than watery.  I did see a few people with Costa cups, so there may be one nearby, but I didn’t see one (we did walk most places as opposed to driving so it may be within driving distance rather than walking distance).

The entertainment for kids, my two are 7 and 10 years old and they were fairly entertained enough to join in (which is rare for my youngest as he’d prefer to watch a screen than dance in front of people on a stage).  My daughter won at the halloween party for eating the most donut on a string (she demolished it compared with the other kids her age) and got to finish the donut, a certificate and Haribos.

There is a small corner shop style mini market within the park.  It sold the usual things you might need e.g. milk, eggs, bread, breakfast cereals, etc.  The prices were about the same as you would expect from being the only shop in a mile radius around the park.  There is a Co-Op about a mile and a half away if you walk left coming out of the park.

A for the accommodation, it was a caravan, in autumn, in Scotland so naturally it was as cold as being in a tent.  our caravan had two bedrooms, one with 2 single beds for the kids and one with double bed and en-suite for us.  As the kids bedroom was smaller, it didn’t get as cold in the night and the kids had their fleeces if they got too cold in the night.  Our bedroom however was furthest from where the gas fire was so it was cold enough to see our breath during the night.  We had two winter duvets on the bed which was warm enough for us.  We found out at checkout that you get a heating upgrade for £23, if only they had asked at check-in….  I’m not sure if that meant they just supplied your caravan with more stand alone heaters or if you had to actually change caravan to one with central heating throughout.  But if we go again and it’s supposed to be roughly the same temperatures we will definitely being taking advantage of that upgrade.

Although it’s a caravan park, don’t be fooled into thinking it’s a cheaper option as there is plenty opportunities to spend money e.g. the arcades, pool tables, paid events, etc.  You have free reign during the day, but from 5pm there are security at the main doors checking you have an entertainment pass to gain access.  You can buy the entertainment passes for £8 per person and you get full access after 5pm which includes the restaurant, Show Bar, arcades, to name but a few.  The pass also gives you access to the swimming pool, but activities (both paid and unpaid) need to be booked in advance.

The park has free to use one seat, two seat and four go-karts that and you can use them all over the park but cannot be used out with, ideal if your caravan is at the other end of the park from the entrance.

The surrounding area was nice, the beach is directly across the road from the entrance to the park and as I said just over a mile and a half away there are shops and restaurants, takeaways, etc.  We used one of the fish and chip shops one night for dinner (I even paid by card in it).  We ordered ours to takeaway then walked back to the caravan with it.  From what I could see, there are two chip shops, an Italian restaurant most of which we didn’t use, but probably would have tried if we were on a longer holiday.

On the whole I would recommend the site for a family holiday and we would go back for perhaps a longer holiday.

Been on a caravan holiday recently or in the past?  What’s your view on it? Let us know in the comments below, or as always you can email us.