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Getting Christmas Ready

Getting Christmas Ready

It’s that time of year again where I get super excited (obviously more than the kids) that Christmas is only roughly 70 sleeps away!  I have the countdown timer on my phone all year round, so I know how many days I have to buy pressies  (since I grab the odd thing throughout the year for my massive family, when I say throughout the year I literally mean from January up until days before Christmas Eve).

  1. Tidy the house before we can decorate it for Christmas.
  2. Make all my favourite syrups for coffees and hot chocolate.
  3. Get the kids to go through their toys and purge any that are too little for them, or that they don’t want/play with anymore.
  4. Make a run to the charity shop with any decent items someone else might want, Freecycle anything the charity shop might not be able to sell (larger more expensive items go on eBay/Gumtree).
  5. Checking what wrap and boxes I have.
  6. Checking what presents I have bought already and what still needs to be purchased.
  7. Make a list of wrapping supplies, sticky tapes, ribbons, bows, curling ribbons, etc. (and purchase them as cheaply as I can). Every year I like to go for a theme or colour(s), like last year for the adults I went with Kraft brown wrap and red accessories with handmade the gift tags. For the kids I always buy wrap relevant to what they’re into, Paw Patrol, Frozen, Harry Potter, etc.

Besides by love of shopping for gifts, I really love wrapping things.  I know the kids rip it open and don’t care, but for the adults I take my time and make it look as professional as possible.  I like to have all the wrap for any one person matching (I make a point of wrapping gifts individual – because who doesn’t love opening lots of gifts?)

Do you have a list you work through to get ready for Christmas?  Or perhaps you wing it?  Let us know, we love your emails.