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Our Apologies

Our Apologies

I apologise for the lack of posts on our site over the last week or two, we’ve been so busy.  I know it’s not an excuse to ignore you all, but trust me if there was an extra hour the day, we probably would have used it as well!

It started two weeks ago, John decided it was time to dust off his PS4 and give some games he got last Christmas (some are literally still in the shrink-wrap!) a little play.  I was fine with that, I had things to do and needed an early night.  Fast forward 2 hours, I start hear a weird noise like someone was sanding the wall, coming from the living room downstairs.  I slink down and find him, scraper in one hand, wet cloth in the other with a half scraped wall!!  He claims his PS4 was installing system updates and since it had been so long since he switched it on, they were taking forever!  I know right?!  (The updates and photos of that makeover will be in another post coming soon – I promise!)  The living room is still not complete, he claims he got a really bad cold, then used his time to sleep on the sofa while I pretty much scraped the entire rest of the living room walls (the audacity I know, but I wasn’t very quiet and forced him to listen to Christmas tunes while I worked so I got my own back).

We also had the launch of the new website: https://www.wrightcreations.uk/ which was a massive fuss.  We got all the new marketing materials printed, we’ve been busy using them all at the craft and Christmas fairs we’ve been at and we also had new product labels printed.  So all our products had to be made and ready for the craft fairs.

We did hit a wall this week when we got the most awful news.  We just found out on Wednesday, that the 14 year old brother of Sarah’s best friend from school, died very suddenly on Tuesday night.  So we’ve been dealing with a few distraught and shocked kids.  We’re still in shock ourselves.  This close to Christmas as well, so sad, our hearts and thoughts are definitely with the family at this painful time.  It has certainly put a few things into perspective.

Hopefully we’ll get to the new normal around here soon, once the waters settle.

As a result of the last two weeks of ups and downs, we’ve not even gotten around to putting up the Christmas tree and decorations.  Once we lay the new carpet in the living room and are able to walk into it without falling over paint tubs, rolls of wallpaper and tubs of wallpaper paste, we can consider putting our tree up.  Normally our tree is up the first weekend in December too, just to get the kids extra excited for Santa coming.

Let us know what you’ve all been up to in the comments below and thanks for sticking with us.