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Getting to know Morag

My Week Summed Up By Morag

My Week Summed Up By Morag

After most of last week being a bust – everyone in shock and walking about in what felt like a slow motion dream, this week was much better and a lot calmer.

Although last Friday John and I went out for a 3 course lunch as a birthday present from his Mum (we were off work so it was a child free zone – so rare lol).  The lunch was at Prezzo and really nice, but 3 courses were just way too much for me and I had to bring half my main course home.

We finished laying the carpet in the living room and tidied up a bit in anticipation of getting the Christmas tree up.

Saturday saw us as my niece and nephews birthday party at a soft play, so we had some time to catch up with family we hadn’t saw in quite awhile.

Then we had to excuse ourselves early so we could attend a pantomime in Paisley (getting from Cumbernauld to Paisley with time to cook and eat dinner was no mean feat).  The pantomime was good, despite the people sitting behind us who felt the need to act like commentators the entire way through (I wouldn’t be surprised if they thought they were at home taking part in Gogglebox – that awful show that ruins any show it comes in contact with).

The start of my week (Monday to Thursday that is) was nothing to write home about, standard work and home life stuff (i.e. working, going home, taking the kids to their clubs, etc.)

Today (Friday) I have a lunch planned with a couple of colleagues which I am very looking forward to as it is always a laugh.  It’s with Juls who is part of my team and sits beside me, she is not long back at work after having breast cancer (and fell on black ice last week only to break two bones in her upper arm/shoulder so she’s not been in the office much this week) and Jenny who is off to visit her family in Australia soon so we won’t be seeing her for about a month (she’s Australian in case you were wondering).  So I really can’t wait for lunch time.

I also need to find 10 minutes to go pick up Sarah’s new party dress as she will need it before Sunday.

On Saturday we’re hoping to take part in the Nutcracker Trail in Paisley from Paisley First.  This involves us having a book with a map in it and going around lots of different shops and places in Paisley and finding the Nutcracker statues.  There is a hidden one that is not on the map, which moves from shop to shop daily so we need to keep an eye on their Facebook page for the clues.  Once you complete it normally there is a small prize for the kids (last years was a Selection box each but I’m not sure if it will be the same this year) and an entry into the overall prize draw for money to spend in shops within Paisley town centre.

We are also hoping to go to the open air ice rink and have a go on the ferris wheel as part of the Paisley WinterFest in the town centre.  We already have tickets and we’re hoping to use them soon, but we’ve been so busy we haven’t had the chance to.

On Sunday we have tickets for a show on at the Normandy Hotel in Renfrew.  There is a three course dinner or lunch and the show includes live songs from the Greatest Showman and other well known movies/musicals.  Quite a few members of my family are going also so it should be a good day out.

Hopefully we’ll have a little while to chill out and relax at home, but collapsing in bed on Sunday night is looking more like it lol

What was your favourite part of the week?  Let us know in the comments, or by email.