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Hot Chocolate Stirrers – Tuesday Quick Recipe

Hot Chocolate Stirrers


Dark Chocolate

300g chocolate of your choice (white, dark or milk – even a combination hmmm!)



Cupcake Cases

Cupcake cases

Lollipop Sticks

Lollipop sticks

Mixing Bowl

Microwave safe bowl


Pyrex Dish

Pyrex dish




Push a small hole in the middle of the cupcake cases with a pencil and set aside for later.

Dip the pastry brush in the sunflower oil and paint a very thin layer of oil over the insides of the moulds.

Put the chocolate in a bowl and heat in the microwave in 30-sec bursts until runny, stirring after each blast. Or melt it in a heatproof bowl set over a pan of simmering water (get an adult to help you). If you’re using different types of chocolate, you should melt them separately.

Carefully pour the melted chocolate into the moulds. Put a lolly stick in the middle of each and sprinkle your chosen decorations around it.

Sit a cake case on top of each mould so that it covers the chocolate and the stick pokes through the hole. Put them in the fridge to set overnight.

The next day, carefully pull the chocolates out of the moulds and throw away the paper cases. 

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