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Family Christmas Films

It’s The Most Wonderful Time…

…of the year!

Now that all the decorating is finished and everything is tidied away, our Christmas tree and decorations are finally up!  We can sit down as a family and watch our favourite Christmas movies together.

Here is our top 5 run down:

1. Arthur Christmas – this is my favourite Christmas film, the way the black sheep of the family saves Christmas always warms my heart.

2. Elf – always a must for us at Christmas time, after all “The best way to spread Christmas cheer, is singing loud for all to hear!” and the way Buddy’s Dad mines instead of singing reminds me of my partner who refuses to let anyone hear him sing! lol

3. Polar Express – I’ve always thought this film is very well done, in the sense of the animation and making the characters look so real.  This one is always on TV at least a couple of times (on various channels) over the festive period so we do get to see it a few times.

4. The Snowman / The Snowman and the Snow Dog – we always watch these movies back to back, the fact they are so short allows us to do that and they are always on TV on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day which means we don’t have to dig out the DVD’s.

5. Home Alone – we’ve watched this film so much my kids could comfortably play parts in it!  To be fair we do watch this film all year round, but we always watch it at Christmas when it’s on TV.

My personal favourite for my partner and I to watch is Gremlins.  I used to love this film when I was a kid (even though in the UK it’s a 15), my Dad went to the Video Shop and hired it one Christmas when I was quite young and I was allowed to watch it with the rest of my family.  Ever since, I always watch it when it comes on TV).  I wanted a Gizmo of my very own.  Our kids haven’t quite watched it yet as our youngest still gets scared without the light on at night and there is no way Sarah could watch a film without J coming into the room every 10 minutes!

Merry Christmas to all of you, when it comes!  I hope Santa is good to you all.

What’s your favourite family Christmas movie to watch?  Let us know in the comments below.