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Charities To Donate To

Charities To Donate To

This post contains links to charity websites and are not affiliate links therefore we receive no money for promoting these or if you click and donate to any of these charities, thank you.

We’re all busy and sometimes we wish we could do a bit more when it comes to donating to charity.  That was kind of our family goal for this year and I think we did pretty well.

John did various runs (10k’s, half marathans, etc.) where the entry fee is automatically donated to the sponsored charity (usually cancer charities, Erskine, or the British Heart Foundation, etc.).  He also actively raised sponsorship money for the Great Scottish Run which went to  the Rangers Charity Foundation.

My office choose a charity every January and all monies raised throughout the year (via bake sales, Christmas jumper days, fancy dress/pyjama days, etc.) goes to them.  My team at work also decided instead of doing a secret Santa this year we would all put in £10 each and raised money for the Glasgow Winter Night Shelter which is a charity that gives homeless people a bed, shower and hot meals for a whole day during the winter months (December to March).  So we raised £120 for them which covers the cost of 6 people.

My Mum also decided she didn’t want a gift this year for Christmas (mainly because she has like 6 of everything she could ever want and another 3 in her loft).  So instead of buying her another thing to clutter her house, I donated to a charity that looked after my uncle (her brother) and gave him palliative care and made it out from my Mum in memory of my uncle.  That went to St. Andrews Hospice in Airdrie, Scotland.  My Mum also shaved her hair off during the summer to raise money for them in memory of my uncle.

Even my kids were in on the whole charitable donations!  They ran the Paisley Fun Run and raised several hundred pounds for the Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity.  So proud of them!  And they broke their own records for running a 3K.

Hopefully we can build on that for next year and who knows maybe the charity donation instead of secret Santa will catch on in other offices, or teams within our offices, etc. and simply become the new thing to do.

What do you and your family do or have done to raise money for charity?  Let us know in the comments below.