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Making Life Easier with Life Hacks

Top 10 Favourite Life Hacks (That I Actually Use)

Top 10 Favourite Life Hacks (That I Actually Use)

Now I know you’re thinking, there are already loads of these out there and people have collated them to death.  But I wanted to put together my favourites (mainly because these are 10 that are so simple and I loved them so much, I use them).

1. Use toilet roll tubes to organise your cables:

We used this idea to organise our cable box in the living room, before the lid wouldn’t close and the cables were all tangled together, but now all the cables sit neatly in their own little tube ready to be pulled out and used.  It makes it so much easier to see which cables are in there also, plus it allows you to throw out the ones for all your old gadgets you no longer have or need.

2. I’m not sure where this life hack originated but I got the tip from another Mum who’s daughter goes to the same school as my kids.  You basically just use toilet roll tubes directly onto your curtain pole in the sections between the eyelets, but only where they can be hidden.  I’ve been using this hack for over a year now and no one has ever said they can see the toilet roll tubes yet (or perhaps they are simply too polite to say haha!), although I’m sure if my Mother-in-law had noticed them she would definitely mention it.

Before – doesn’t have much in the way of shape

The Trick

After – the curtains have more shape and are equally more spread out
Curtains Closed
It doesn’t affect them being able to close

3. Use toilet roll or kitchen roll tubes to hold your wrapping paper together:

This one was from the One Good Thing Blog (they actually have a whole post on toilet roll tube life hacks).

I know what you’re thinking, are all your favourite hacks about toilet roll tubes?  Well…no, you’ll be glad to hear they are not.

4. Although I use bleach daily in my toilet, sometimes I would find it wasn’t enough to stop stains building up around the water line and under the rim.  Until I found this cool hack: I use this one once a week, using WD40 on my toilet bowl to stop stains building up.  It’s great for cleaning the hinges on your toilet seat aswell to stop rust.

Credit for this one has to go to Lifehacker.com

5. Another good use I’ve found for WD40 is helping to defrost the freezer.  If like us, you were cheap and didn’t splash out the extra £100 on a frost free model freezer, then you find yourself 3 months later using a crowbar to open your freezer door…you can give this a try next time you get around to defrosting it.  Spray WD40 on the shelves/in the drawers and it helps prevent the build up of ice, which means defrosting less and the best part (other than having less work to do) is you realise you can actually fit more into your freezer when there’s less ice in there!  Who knew? lol

Easy way to avoid this!
Easy way to avoid this!

6. This hack I saw many years ago (it would be almost eight years ago now) as we did this when we moved into our current home (which was almost eight years ago).  It’s so simple too, just buy bin bags with the drawstrings already in them, put the bag over your clothes and use the drawstrings to tie the hooks of the coat hangers together – genius and protects your clothes when moving home (especially if someone accidentally drops your clothes in puddle! – True story: that happened to me once when I was moving house).  Also it’s cheaper than buying garment holders plus it holds way more clothes.

Clothes on hangers in bin bags


7. This idea I loved from the minute I saw it, it was more an “Ah-ha!” moment as anyone with little girls knows these things get everywhere in your home!  So having a simple solution of putting them on carabiners is excellent.  And it makes looking for one in a drawer full of hair accessories much less like hard work too.

8. I use this hack all the time!  This one I saw on princesspinkygirl.com and it was an idea for using on the beach, but (hey I live in Scotland where beach weather was a Tuesday this year) I tend to use it a little closer to home when I’m watching Netflix in the bath to be perfectly honest with you.  The main thing is it works perfectly if you use a grip seal bag (ideally one that is see through or it kind of defeats the purpose, but you knew that already).  Providing you seal it up airtight, even if it sinks to the bottom of the bath it will 100% survive.  I like to seal it with a little bit of air in it so if I drop it into my bath it floats.

9. This is a good one from wonderfulengineering.com, turn all your coat hangers around the [what you perceive to be the] wrong way and once you’ve worn them put them back the correct way.  Anything still hanging the wrong way round after 12 months, donate to charity.  This is a good way of getting rid of clothes you don’t wear, especially if you have loads of clothes – sometimes you can’t work out what you have worn or not in 12 months, so this method keeps you right.  If like me you have a clothes rail that pulls out towards you and not straight across, simply hang the clothes facing away from you and once you’ve worn them, face them towards you.


10. I use this one at least once a week:

By puncturing this tiny hole in your carton of fresh juice, it stops it doing that glugging thing that happens when air suddenly goes rushing into the carton as you try to pour it.  Normally this would result in at least one of my kids getting juice on the worktop, but with that tiny hole it’s like magic that it doesn’t happen!  

Got any life hacks of your own?  Let us know in the comments below.  Thanks for reading!