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No New Year’s Resolutions in this House, Thank You

No New Year’s Resolutions in this House, Thank You

I don’t normally set resolutions as coming up with these things while drunk on new years eve isn’t the smartest time to make decisions that affect your entire year.

So, while everyone is setting themselves new years resolutions and falling short in the first week, I decided (for a change) this year to set our family some realistic goals to work towards.

I’ve come up with 5 ways to improve our life as a family and I am going to try very very hard to stick to them. Have a read and you can let me know what you think in the comments below:

1. Explore & try new things together

We’ve been desperately trying to take the kids hillwalking as in Scotland that encompasses exercise, fresh air and breathtaking views.  It also affords some great pictures both of us and our surroundings, for our photo albums.  So that’ll be something new for us to try for 2019.

Exploring doesn’t mean going far from home, have a look in your area at things nearby you and you might be surprised how many cool places are right there within walking distance.  Speaking of things practically on our doorstep, we live a 5 minute drive (or 35 minute walk) from a place called car park in the sky, yet we’ve never been!  I’ve seen images people have taken from there and the views are awesome, so we really need to make a date to take a gander up there – maybe 2019 will be our year to go lol.

There’s a chance after going on a couple of holidays last year, that we might not go away this year to save a bit of money and do some work on the house, so day trips and perhaps even an overnight stay away to some areas we’ve not been to before within Scotland, will be something we will try this year.

2. Teach them to be aware of the world around them

When you are out and about with your children, most parents instinctively show and tell their children do’s and don’ts e.g. how to cross the road correctly or what happens when they don’t pay attention on the stairs, etc. But most of us don’t point out other important things like how to use the other senses to appreciate the world around them. Showing them how to use all of their other five senses can teach your kids to be more observant and apply these techniques to anything in life.

By using their five senses I mean when you’re ticking off your to-do list like going to the shops, as you’re walking there ask them questions about what they see, touch, taste, hear, etc. as well as how they feel about these things. The shapes of buildings, the colour of the sky, the smell of restaurants. Being able to identify these things and the emotions they associate with them.

3. Spend time with them

Turn off the TV and your phone (unless you’re on-call, in which case don’t switch off your phone!).  Nothing is more important in our lives than our kids so actually paying attention when spending time with them is something they will remember from their childhood.

But that also means making them put down their phone or tablet and show them the importance of this.

4. Be kind to one another (not grumpy)

Some adults’ day isn’t complete without being grumpy. Lately I’ve been conscious as my attitudes and behaviours (including being grumpy) have been reflecting in my kids attitudes. By being a little nicer or catching yourself before saying something that could sound borderline rude if the repeated it to someone else, goes along way.

I’ve noticed a difference in my kids’ behaviour since I started being a bit more patient even if just when I’m talking to them or asking them to do something I’ve asked twenty times before. It has meant asking them to do things less. This seems to make them want to spend time with me (always a bonus since deep down they know I’m amazing – ha-ha!) and moan at one another less too.

5. Take photos

I know I said to put down the phone or tablets, but encouraging them to take lots of photos, even if it’s 6 with silly faces (like ours all end up being), at least you managed to catch that happy moment on camera. I also know most people take thousands of photos a week – fill up Facebook, Instagram, etc.- but we should really all try to catch more on film…or USB/HDD.

My daughter is always up for getting her picture taken and will never shy away from the camera. But my son is known for being grumpy and hiding (never get 2 kids the same) and bringing the camera out doesn’t seem to affect his bad mood if he is already in one.

We recently bought our daughter a small camera and a palm sided video camera (they were a set of two and relatively inexpensive as far as cameras/video cameras go), so now she gets to photograph whatever she likes and loves taking videos – as she loves the idea of being able to make up stories with her toys and dolls. She also loves taking family pictures and videos which we wholeheartedly encourage.

In years to come we can always look back at the pictures, watch the videos (providing we hang onto the technology to play them, I have plenty 8mm tapes with no player now so they lie in a box) and be glad we caught those moments on film.

Have you set any resolutions or goals for this year? Let us know in the comments below.