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When I first left home
Getting to know Morag

When I First Left Home

When I First Left Home

I was 17 years old when I left home. I had lived with my Mum, both my sisters, my eldest niece and my 2 eldest nephews.

My eldest sister moved out first with my niece then I moved out to move in with my first serious boyfriend, which lasted 3 years (2 years longer than it really should have). We rarely had any money, and in summary those are years of my life I’m seriously not getting back (which basically means I wouldn’t thank you to relive them).

He was 5 years older than me but was way less mature than I was (and that was saying something since no one at that time would ever have described me as mature). One of the things that stayed with me from that time is never before had I met someone who’s feet smelled so awful!

His step-dad helped us move by driving a van we’d hired and we moved into this horrible maisonette flat in Shieldmuir in Wishaw (a not so nice area where teenagers went to drink and take drugs in nearby flats). We had no carpets and no furniture other than what I brought from my Mum’s and what his parents gave us. Also I’m pretty sure we only had a single bed to sleep on.

I remember that night we walked to Asda (which turned out to be miles away all because someone had said it’s only up the road…) , we did a decent shop and got a taxi home. Then I remember cleaning the place from top to bottom and I mean absolutely scrubbing the place. I attended the college which wasn’t too far away and on a day off from college was when 9/11 happened, I always remember watching the news all day stunned instead of doing one of my assignments.

The landlord wasn’t very nice as when we were out he used to come in and nosy through our stuff. It felt horrible at the time, my privacy and been invaded and I didn’t know to what extent.  I got wise to it and would setup little things to catch him out, like leave cakes out on the table to tempt him and he would never disappoint, he would take the whole box! Needless to say we moved out shortly after that (to Clydebank, then to Dalmuir, then to Motherwell where I got burgled just after he and I split up – coincidence?  I’m a realist so I think not.  Then I met my current partner and we moved to Paisley).

I didn’t realise it at the time, but it was a toxic relationship where I was constantly feeling trapped but I had been too young and depressed to notice.  I’m so glad that time in my life is over and some may say it was character building, I have learned from it by bettering myself to this day.  Also to make sure (for the safety of myself and children) that I don’t put myself into situations where I feel backed into a corner.

I guess the trick is to realise that no matter where you are or the way your life is right now, even if it’s horrible and it seems like it will never end, it’s not forever.  You will get through and way beyond it – things can always get better so don’t give up hope in it changing.

What age were you when you moved out of your parental home? Let us know in the comments below.