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9 things I just can't stand
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10 Things I Just Can’t Stand

10 Things I Just Can’t Stand

I was recently asked by a reader what really vexes me, and although I replied to her it got me thinking about how much really does annoy me (thanks for that by way lol), so I thought I’d get it off my chest and stick it in a post.  It also made me think I really need to stop letting things annoy me so much.

  1. Feet (mainly toes – gross!  And people wonder why I prefer winter – no open toed sandals in the snow)
  2. Bullies (including rude people, there’s just no excuse for rudeness or bullying in any walk of life)
  3. Stepping in dog poo (there’s no point in having a dog if you can’t clean up after it)
  4. People who cough and don’t cover their mouths (I have noticed a lot of older people doing that, it makes me think: You really should know better)
  5. Slow internet (isn’t that just the worst?  It’s always when you’re in a hurry to do something as well, like check something right before you’re leaving the house and there is a taxi waiting for you)
  6. Lack of phone signal (like at one end of my living room!  I get a full signal at one side and no signal the other, which is only 5ft away, the joys of living in a concrete house I suppose)
  7. Cold callers (including religious people at the door – it’s always when you’ve just got comfy as well, or eating dinner I must confess if I see a clipboard/leaflet in their hand or a backpack on their back I tend to ignore it, so much easier than saying no thanks 30 times before closing the door and I appreciate it’s their job but sometimes it’s darn inconvenient)
  8. People who talk too loudly on their phones (I hear this on the train almost daily and the number of people around me rolling their eyes or sighing when someone begins shouting into their mobile phone is fairly high, most of them are looking for 10 minutes of peace and quiet after work before they get home to kids, their partner, etc. so the train for them is like the calm before the storm – then someone goes and ruins it by being selfish.  It’s even worse when they have the phone up loud as well so you can hear both sides of the shout-convo!)
  9. Slow drivers (It’s like, do you not see the queue of traffic in your mirrors you have just caused by driving way under the speed limit – I seriously think the government would make far more money if they spent less on speed cameras and fined people for bad driving, but then that would mean the people enforcing it would need to be good drivers too lol)
  10. Sexist people (and that goes for men or women, although from what I see online and on TV, it’s mostly women who are sexist towards men and attempt to hide behind the label of “feminist”.  As a female who works in IT which used to be a predominately male workforce, I am struggling to see when and where both male and females aren’t treated equally these days.  I am raising a young boy myself and I don’t want him to grow up in a world where people have gone from thinking it’s okay to put women down, to now it’s okay to put men down – it’s simply inexcusable.  For the record, obviously not all feminists do this, some of them do care about equal rights and I think that’s great, but those hangers on that undermine that work by just being sexist spoil it for the ones trying to do something good.)

Wasn’t planning on ending on a serious note here so here’s some cute kittens to cheer you up lol

Cute Kittens

What really annoys you?  Let us know in the comments below.  Or as always drop us an email.