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Valentine's Traditions

Valentine’s Traditions

Valentine’s Traditions

Our main tradition on Valentine’s Day is to avoid eating out.  We always wait till the Saturday after it (unless it falls on a Saturday, or the Saturday before it if it falls on a Sunday) have a home cooked meal, have it at home, make it all romantic with candles, get dressed up as if we were going out and have a night in.

We usually have a meal, open gifts and watch a movie or play games e.g. on the Wii or a board game.

As far as gift traditions go, Valentine’s Day is one we spend a maximum of £25 on every year.  We follow 2 rules for these gifts:

  1. we each buy 5 gifts, one for each of the senses and should be labelled:
    1. Sight;
    2. Sound;
    3. Touch;
    4. Taste:
    5. and smell.
  2. we must not exceed the £25 limit.

For sight, sometimes it’s a provocative picture (for our eyes only of course, we do have one of me from a professional boudoir photo shoot hanging on our bedroom wall so he obviously liked that one a lot). Or it could be some new underwear (that one works both ways of course).  Usually most of my budget goes on this one and I’m certain his does too.

I’ve always found the sound gift a little tricky, I think last year I created a playlist of songs he liked at that time (not very romantic for me when he’s into artists like Muse and Manic Street Preachers, which I’m soooo not keen on), meaning he could download it onto his iPod and listen to it on the train or when he’s chilling out in the bath (or if you ask me, when he’s trying to get to sleep as I think their music would put anyone to sleep). I remember one year for my sound gift he bought me a bell that said “Ring for sex” on it haha!  No one said the gifts had to be super serious, it’s supposed to be fun after all.

For touch we tend to stick with things like massage oils, feathers, a satin scarf, a fluffy throw, things we can use to tease the other when they’re blindfolded with.  I got a satin chemise last year and he got satin boxers one year…we do like our satin. 

Sometimes for the taste one, we buy several things we know the other hasn’t tried before (obviously not things like Caviare for the budget!) and do a blind taste test where we feed the other those items and they have to guess what they are.  That’s always a fun game.  Other times we just buy one another sweets or chocolates we know the other likes.

Usually for smell we end up buying one another mini body sprays, a bunch of perfume/aftershave samples (lets be honest we can get samples for free and enough of them makes you look less cheap – but can’t knock a freebie though), or a scented candle.  I think last year he decided to be funny and got me VIPoo (he thought he was hilarious anyway, I think it’s still sitting in a cupboard in the bathroom mind you, that reminds me…guess what I’m re-gifting as my smell gift this year….).

One of the main reasons we never splash out on Valentine’s day is because our anniversary is in March, so we both agree Valentine’s day is second to that occasion.  Also have you ever tried to book a table the week before or after Valentine’s day?  If you didn’t book on the 15th of last February well, you’re out of luck finding a table and anywhere that still has a table free, there’s usually a good reason for it: they are charging way more than normal for that 2 course meal that doesn’t even include drinks!  We both find the whole thing stressful, so a decent M&S meal for 2 with bottle of…whatever (I say whatever as most of the time we each have one glass and it goes down the sink – not big wine drinkers) is good enough for us.

You can download our free Valentine’s printable for your own personal use if you wish to try this with your partner too.

What are you’re Valentine’s traditions?  Or perhaps you’re single, how do you spend the day/night?  Let us know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading!