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Wordless Wednesdays

Wordless Wednesday’s #42

Wordless Wednesday’s #42

I know technically it’s a wordlesss wednesday’s post and I should probably shut up (good luck with that I hear you say…) but I couldn’t keep it to my self:

Today I got my first DSLR camera.  It wasn’t too expensive as it was a second hand one, and for what I’ll use it for, I don’t really need an expensive camera.  It cost me less than £150 for the camera and two lenses.  Getting to play with it was awesome.  It takes great pictures and I’m so pleased with it.  There are so many fancy settings on it and I have no idea how they work or hat they do (yet!), I just know I’m going to have fun figuring them out.

It will also come in super handy when we start hillwalking (hopefully that will happen this year, as it didn’t happen last year) or if we decide to go away for our anniversary, as the scenery will be gorgeous (it is Scotland after all) and I do love a bit of landscape photography.

Look out for some (better) images on the blog, since all I’ve used up until now has been my phone (Huawei Mate 9) or Sarah’s phone (iPhone 6S).

Pic taken with new camera Pic taken with new camera Pic taken with new camera