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Getting to know Morag

Q&A Session for 2019 – with Morag

Q&A Session for 2019 – with Morag

What do you collect?

Me to You bear ornaments.  I have roughly 30 now I think, in a display cabinet in our living room.

If you could spend £1,000 anywhere, where would it be and what would you buy?

Easy one, I would spend it on craft supplies and probably in Hobbycraft (having visions of me lying on the floor in the shop making snow angels on the floor, although instead of snow I’m surrounded by craft stuff haha!)

Worse film you ever saw?

Without a shadow of a doubt it has to be: Whatever Happened To Alice (2003)

I used to use the LoveFilm service where they sent DVD’s in the post to you I know actual DVD’s!  I forgot what they were as well) but this one was sent by accident with the 2 films I did actually order, I thought I’d give it a go.  I didn’t bother reading the write-up or blurbs or reviews – big mistake!

This film is beyond awful, poor story/plot, I had no idea what was going on it was so confusing!  It seriously didn’t hold my interest, I think I got up to use the bathroom and make coffee so many times without pausing I might actually have got 40 minutes in before I put it back in the case.  I think John even fell asleep 10 minutes in.  He is still convinced to this day that I put that film onto our list to be sent out to us, he also logged on and left a glowing review under my name which was quite funny but so not believable, I just hope it didn’t make people order the movie as a result lol  Although now I get to tease him about the time he purchased Hobo With A Shotgun; an hour of my life wasted right there before I forced him to switch it off haha!

If you were to use one word to describe your family, what would it be?


When you’ve had a bad day, how do you make yourself feel better?

Get a hug from my kids then lie down in a dark room.

If you could move to anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

Canada.  They speak English, they don’t hate Scottish people and the weather is similar to Scotland.

Do you work better in the morning or at night?

When I’m at work, I work better in the morning.  But in the afternoon if I’m working from home and I plan better at night.

What does the colour yellow make you think of?


Have you ever had a Groundhog day or moment?

Every time I contact support for just about anything, I explain my issue and guaranteed I’m always through to the wrong department.  So when I get transferred only to have to explain my issue all over again – never fails!

Something you struggle with?

I love change, I love the build-up to it, but when it actually happens I get too overwhelmed and struggle with it!  Is that weird?

If you had 3 wishes, what would they be?

  1. To be able to clear off our current mortgages (we now only have two thankfully) in full.
  2. To have all the means to extend our main home the way would like to e.g. kitchen extension, loft conversion, add a craft room, bigger laundry room, gym, etc.
  3. To have enough money to setup a trust fund for my kids with the condition that it releases money every year providing they work in a reputable field of employment e.g. medical, scientific, teaching, etc.

If you have any further questions you would live to ask, send us an email and we could feature it in our next post.