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Top 10 Netflix Shows

Top 10 Netflix Shows

Recently we restarted our Netflix subscription to try and get the kids away from YouTube as a lot of things on there are inappropriate for their age but still make it through the restriction filter.

So it has meant John and I re-watching/rekindling with older shows we started and stopped watching as well as finding new ones.

So far these are the top 10 I’m watching:

10. Beyond
9. Jessica Jones
8. Lost In Space
7. The Vampire Diaries
6. Shooter (shame this show got cancelled)
5. Homeland
4. Daredevil
3. The Umbrella Academy
2. The Punisher
1. Stranger Things

Obviously with Netflix cancelling all the Marvel shows it’s a bit annoying we won’t get them on Netflix anymore.

What is your favourite show?  Let us know in the comments below.