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Paisley Architects – John Hutchison

Paisley Architects – John Hutchison (Part 2 of 7)

John Hutchison isn’t just famous because he trained Charles Rennie Mackintosh, but because of his strong links and contribution to Paisley architecture.

Born in 6 Stow Street, Paisley in 1841, Hutchison was first noticed when, ahead of Queen Victoria’s visit to Paisley in 1888, he was commissioned to restore the grave of King Robert III. This is still in the Paisley Abbey to this day.

King Robert III grave

Some of his most iconic work include:

Spiersfield House

Spiersfield House, Paisley (1874) since been converted into a nursing home

Burnbank Free Church, Hamilton

Burnbank Free Church, Hamilton (1881)

West Free Church, Hamilton (1882) ( no images available in the archives)

River Street Factory

River Street Factory, Glasgow (1885)

Craigmore UP Church, Rothesay

Craigmore UP Church, Rothesay (1889)

St Margarets

St Margaret’s House (1889) reopened in 1928 as a home for the elderly

Middlepark, Carriagehill

Middlepark, Carriagehill (1891-92)

Shortroods School, Paisley (1897) (no images available in the archives)

Norwich Union Offices Glasgow (1898)
Norwich Union Offices Glasgow (1898)
Norwich Union Office, Glasgow (Now)
Norwich Union Office, Glasgow (Now)

Norwich Union Offices, 128 Hope Street/St Vincent Street, Glasgow (1898) his masterpiece

Abercorn School, Paisley

Abercorn School, Paisley (1900)

Premises for Loudon Brothers, Cadogan Street/West Campbell Street, Glasgow (1900) demolished late 20th century

Mission Hall for Sir William Dunn, Paisley (c.1900) since demolished and is now private property

Wylie Hill building, Springfield Court, Glasgow (1901) since demolished and a large modern glass Ted Baker store stands on the site now

Canal Street

Tenements and shops, Canal Street, Paisley (1903)

Remodelling of Wylie Hill warehouse, Glasgow (1904) (no images available in the archives)

Fairhill, Park Road, Paisley
Scotscraig, Fairhill, 18 Park Road, Paisley

Hutchison died of a cerebral haemorrhage on 24 May 1908 at Fairhill, Park Road, Paisley.

If you have any questions or comments about any of the properties featured in this post, let us know in the comments below.