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March Mayhem
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March Mayhem

March Mayhem

I was hoping March would be a quiet month, have some time to relax and put our feet up on the weekends (since there are no school holiday’s in March, so that means no time off work) but no sooner had I thought that were we at another function, another event, a meeting or one of us was in bed with flu (that one seemed to be on a rotational basis unfortunately).

climbing highon yer bikeWe went to the Cycling, Running and Outdoor Pursuits Show at the SEC.  The kids got to try quite a lot of things (not the zip slide as apparently 1.5m was the minimum height to try it out – wth is that about?) like the bungee belts game on the inflatables where they have a bungee belt around their waist and have t run as far the cord will allow.  Then there was football darts, where they had to kick velcro footballs onto a massive inflatable dart board.  There was also a game where they each had a colour (red or green), 10 cones randomly laid out where each had a light on the top and they had to run around hitting the ones that lit up with their colour, whoever hit the most won – Sarah one by 1 point every single time lol  We also had a turn on the Segway’s, tasted some health foods, got some herbal soaps free, the kids raced each other up the travelator (just like at the end of the UK TV show Gladiators course – it was like the 1990’s all over again).  Oh and Sarah had a go up the indoor climbing wall – good training for when she goes on her Primary 7 residential trip.

John & Walter Smith John & I at the Hall of FameLast year John ran the half marathon at the Great Scottish Run and managed to raise several hundreds of pounds for the Rangers Charity Foundation, as a thank you every year the charity have a dinner and medal ceremony for the fundraisers.  We attended this years dinner at Ibrox Stadium.

I do like being inside Ibrox, I always feel special and honored – being a Glasgow Rangers fan probably helps.  We got to meet Jermaine Defoe which was great, just a shame we didn’t get to meet Broxi Bear (the mascot) haha!

We had Storm Gareth…bit of a non-Storm in Paisley to be honest but other places in Scotland (mainly on the West coast) were battening down the hatches meaning people left work early who lived further away.

March has also seen Sarah going to her (soon to be) new high school to play her violin with the strings ensemble and she also got to meet what will be her new violin teacher when she moves up to high school in August.

Afternoon Tea Afternoon Tea Afternoon Tea Afternoon Tea 

Cake Stand Cake StandOne of the highlights of March has been our Blogiversary – yep, that’s right, we’ve been blogging for a whole year.  It’s flew by, I can’t believe it’s actually been a year already!  Sarah, J and I celebrated by making our very own cheap cake stand to have a really nice afternoon tea.  We had a selection of sandwiches, fairy cakes, chocolate cakes and scones with cream and jam.  It was all washed down with my (always) tasty hot chocolate.

And that’s not all for this month, as John and Sarah will be running the Blue All Over Fun Run at Ibrox Stadium – a 5k around the outside of the stadium where at certain points round there are volunteers who throw red and blue paint all over the runners.  There’s no timing to the run as it’s just for fun, but the entry fee goes to the Rangers Charity Foundation to help support all manner of good causes.

Well…how’s your March been so far?  Let us know in the comments below.