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Life Lately

These last few weeks have been ridiculously busy.  Between Sarah’s High School visits, Guide camps, parents meetings for school then parents meetings for more Guide camps, and things in the house breaking down…it’s been crazy!

So our old dishwasher was a gift by my sister when we moved into our house 8 years ago.  It was a Beko slimline one that I cut out half the sink unit to squeeze it in there.  But after 8 years – it was a long run for modern day appliances with a shelf life of 5 years max these days – it needed two or three times round to wash something that really should only take one wash.  We got to the stage where we only had one setting – the hottest one, 70°C – as nothing would clean at all when we used the cooler washes (e.g. normal 40°C).  Some times we’d put in a brand new item (kids water bottle or mug), as you do, just to give it a clean before you use it for the first time and it would actually come out dirtier than it went in.  After it got to the stage we realised we had used every dish in the house, nothing was being cleaned, enough was enough.  We bit the bullet and ordered a new one.

It wasn’t expensive as far a dishwashers go, but hey, it cleans on first go so that makes it awesome compared with our old one.  The main challenge was finding one that would fit in the tiny space we had under the sink.  Good old Argos, had exactly what we were looking for and offered free delivery in less than a week, so we went with that.  To avoid any messing about with Gumtree/Freecycle we paid for the recycle service they offered too.  All it meant was for us to disconnect it the night before and John dragged it to the front door so they could easily take it away before bringing in the new one.

Of course, once all the dishes were clean and put away (much quicker than before as we could use the normal wash cycle), seeing the empty worktops in the kitchen sparked something in us to start cleaning the entire downstairs.  The kitchen got scrubbed within an inch of it’s life.  The living room got the treatment and the kids were warned: any toys left lying around would be going into the box for the charity shop, or if they were small enough they would be going up the hoover – I was taking no prisoners.  Not even the hallway or the bathroom were safe.  I even bought a new shower curtain and toilet seat – plain white ones and the whole room seems so much bigger and brighter!  What can I say, you have to take the little victories where you can get them.

The oldest person in my family passed away last week, my Great Uncle Tom.  He was 92, my Grampa’s brother.  I think it hot my Mum hard as he was her only link to her Dad, who could share stories about what he was like, from a time before he became a Dad.  For a guy who lived on the same street as us growing up, I literally only met him a dozen times and the most we ever said to one another was, ‘Hi’.  I’m unofficially banned from family funerals since I “made a scene” at my Gran’s funeral when I was younger (by scene, I cried very loudly from the start to the end – I was only 12 after all and it was my first funeral, how was I supposed to know I was going to be sitting right in front of her coffin at the front of the church the entire time).  So I tend to offer my services as a babysitter, to allow everyone else in the family to attend.  I’d probably be struck by lightning for entering a church (being Agnostic and all), and seeing others cry makes me cry, so I’m happy with the arrangement.

We went to Go Ape! in Aberfoyle on Sunday, Sarah got tickets for her birthday in January but the weather wasn’t warm enough to be able to take her until now.

Go Ape! Go Ape! Go Ape!

She loved it.  We went for John’s birthday last year in March and it was snowing so it was absolutely freezing.  This year it was much milder, so it was mush more enjoyable for J too,as he moaned the entire time his feet were too cold to walk (for the record he hates walking anywhere, so the fact his feet were a little cold probably had nothing to with it) and put a bit of a dampener on the whole day.  This time I made sure everyone remembered their thermal hiking socks – yey!

After such a nice family day out, we came home to the bathroom floor being covered in 2 inches of water!  Turns out our cold tap is leaking under the sink.  As we were going out for a buffet after everyone got changed, I simply switched off the water flow to that tap and cleaned up the bathroom.  I’ll be honest, the dishwasher stole our monthly savings budget this month and with nothing left in the tank, the tap it’s literally still switched off.  As we don’t have a combi boiler in our house (an older style boiler with hot and cold water tanks), and we use the shower on a daily basis so we don’t have much need to switch the hot water on – this means the hot tap is safe for the kids to use as it never gets too hot.  I’m sure we’ll get round to fixing it at some point – oh I did buy washers for it, as I think it’s a simple washer issue (if not we might just need a new flexi-pipe).

Since I bought a new toilet seat, this one is an easy-clean molded plastic one, so the heavy one with metal fixings had to go.  I had to break them off and the rust underneath left a gross mess and stain on the porcelain – I know I was so annoyed!  I spent hours online trying to find something, anything to remove it without making the stain worse.  Nothing worked and I couldn’t get a Pumie stone anywhere at such short notice as I needed to order online from American shops and would take weeks for delivery, seems there is no UK equivalent – go figure. Also all the tutorials and remedies I came across were American also, does no one in the UK know how to fix the issue (or just throw out their toilet and buy a new one when it happens?  Or perhaps no one likes to talk about it haha!).  Anywho…I ended up using another few hours of baking soda toothpaste, but it came off when I began using a toothbrush that had a tongue scrubber on the back of it – who knew?  Not all of it came off mind you, some of it has really ground into the porcelain, but hey when it comes time to selling our home (as John keeps reminding me anytime I alter something in the house), we can always buy a cheap seat that covers it up.

To top it all off, it seems I’ve had some issue with one of my plugins here at the TheWrightBlog.fun and none of my scheduled posts were being published on time.  I’m still figuring it out so hopefully this one publishes on time…on Friday,12th April at the normal time of 11:05 BST!

To sum up, this week has quite simply been all the way up there on the highs and very much down low on the lows for us.  How’s your week been?  Let us know in the comments below.