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Our Easter Weekend Activities
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Easter Weekend

Easter Weekend

Easter Weekend

So, our Easter weekend consisted of the warmest days of the year so far.  The afforded us an excuse to dig out and scrub the paddling pool, then let the kids play outside soaking one another for hours.  You might be thinking, ah some chill time for you…but anyone with kids knows, it’s not long before the “injuries” happen: one of them falls over, gets water in their eye (despite the fact they were both wearing goggles), stubs their toe on a stone or manages to swallow some pool water and comes running in the house crying.  After the 40th time mind you, our responses get just as silly as their reactions to the “injuries”, e.g. it goes from: Does it require a plaster? To eventually: Does it require a trip to the A&E? No? Then, get out and play until lunch/dinner is ready or until it’s bedtime.

On the Sunday I set up an awesome Easter egg hunt (as always).  This year, since our kids are slightly obsessed with their screens, I used it to my advantage and made all the indoor clues QR codes. This allowed them to use their devices to help find the eggs. The first half of the hunt, 10 eggs each, was indoors, then leading both kids outdoors for the final 8 eggs. 

Hook 3 rings on a rabbit

Each of their outdoor eggs had little tasks in them e.g. 10 star jumps before finding another egg; or 20 jumps on the trampoline then find another egg; or hook 3 rings on the bunny before finding another egg, etc.  I had to make them work for their eggs, and it’s only fair they should have to burn off the calories for all the chocolate they would be eating.

Star Jumps20 Jumps on the Trampoline

Water Gun Fight

There was also a water gun/balloon fight in which one of the kids from next door got involved.  Needless to say we all got drenched.  But fortunately the sun was so warm it didn’t take us long to dry off.


We had a healthy Easter dinner of herby baby potatoes, seasoned chicken with steamed vegetables, can’t beat it a home cooked meal during a long weekend. 

Sarah has her residential trip this week, so we went through the kit list and got everything packed.  One of things it said to pack was old trainers, unfortunately most of her trainers she grows out of them before they could be classed as “old”, so we took a trip to Decathalon to get a cheap pair of trainers and a few other bits and bobs.  Some of the things weren’t just for the residential trip at school, but for other upcoming camps with the Guides she is booked on.

The next few weeks are pretty busy for Sarah (and us I suppose), she has her residential trip with the school this week; then she’s in her bed one night before going off to a Guide camp at the weekend;then after a week at school, she’s off to another camp the following weekend as well.  Busy, busy, busy!  But in a good, excited way – at least she’ll be tired enough to sleep lol


Photo Booth Photo Booth Photo Booth We also had our usual Easter photo booth props out to take some family pictures.  Last year John fell asleep as he wasn’t feeling very well so didn’t get to join in, but this year he was wide awake and keen to take part.

Hope you all had a great family fun filled Easter weekend also.  Let us know what you did in the comments below.