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Weekly Roundup at The Wright Blog
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Weekly Roundup at The Wright Blog

Tent at Guide Camp Camp Fire at Guide CampWeekly Roundup at The Wright Blog

This week has been another busy week, but it’s been more odd than anything else. We had the long weekend for Easter, then it was back to work/school on the Tuesday. Which saw Sarah off on her Primary 7 residential trip. So we had a strange week without her. Then she came home on Friday – at 14:30 so it was like picking her up early (normally I don’t get to pick them up from after school care until just before 18:00. I used the time to let her sleep, as from remembering my Primary 7 residential trip, sleep wasn’t something she’d have got lots of. Unfortunately she spent the time playing games on her phone and didn’t sleep. This meant the following day when she had a guide training camp, she got there for 09:00 and got upset at the slightest thing. John spent longer than he was supposed to at the camp site trying to calm her down,reassuring her the things she was getting upset about weren’t a big deal.

As she wasn’t there on Saturday, after J had swimming lessons, I took him to his Pokemon Club. It’s a cafe as well as a comic book shop, so John and I sat and drank coffees while J played tournament matches (yes with his Pokemon cards, in case anyone was wondering if it was real Pokemon battles lol). After lunch at home, I took J back down to Paisley town centre as the Paisley Food & Drinks Festival was on. There were rides for him to go on (I’ve not told Sarah yet, in case she gets upset since she love fairground rides) he only went on two as the rest, he would have needed daredevil Sarah to go on with him before he would venture near them. I only got one photo of him before my phone died was well, which was quite annoying.

Time for the race Finished the race PrepShe came home on Sunday. The logistics of that was quite a challenge as John had the Stirling Half Marathon. He had to get up at 05:30 and get from Paisley to Stirling (driving) before the race started, on his own. I made sure he booked himself in for a leg massage afterwards though.  I still feel bad we couldn’t b there to cheer him on, especially since he broke his personal record! #proud

It meant (since I don’t drive, and even if I did I don’t have another car) that J and I had to taxi it up to the campsite to pick up Sarah at 15:30. John said he would try his best to get home for a shower before coming to get us. Based on how tired I thought he’d be I told him not to bother and that we’d taxi it home too.

We both took the day off work (John mainly did it as he wasn’t sure what condition he’d be after the half marathon and I took it off as we had free tickets to the cinema!), so in just over an hours time we will be heading to see Avengers: Endgame in 3D at the Odeon Luxe (I’m super excited), it had to be 3D for one the tickets were free (and include the cost of the glasses so we don’t need to take our own) and for two it’s the kind of film that 3D was made for.

So how was your week?  Get up to anything awesome?  Or were you bored…or busy?  Let us know in the comments below.

P.S. I will get round to replying to all your emails super soon, I promise.  I just need 10 minutes where I don’t have a million one other things to do 😀