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It's been awhile...
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It’s Been Awhile…

It’s Been Awhile…

It has been over 2 months since I last opened up my laptop and wrote anything close to a blog post.  I want to say it’s because I haven’t had the time, and while I have been super busy over the last couple of months, I could have made time if I’d have known what to write.  I know bloggers say write every day, about anything as it’s all relevant whether you use the material you write or not, but I’ve just not felt like writing at all.

The whole of May, June and the start of July saw many things and did many activities, I got the pleasure of seeing John cross the finish line at the Edinburgh Marathon; as a family we saw the SWA Family Wrestling at the Paisley Lagoon; we also saw the Kelpies for the first time (yeah I know they are not far away at all but we never make time to see things like this when we really should, more often), took a trip to Stirling followed by a trip to Perth; a family break in Blackpool where we always had a jam-packed schedule; the kids ran a 3K and John ran a 10K at Loch Lomond and I got round to booking John’s family holiday for his 40th birthday next October (I know it’s ages away, but this way I get to save up to pay for it plus have spending money squirreled away too) and finally John ran his first Run the Blades half marathon at Whitelee Windfarm.

We probably did more than that, but I’d need to check my camera to see where else we went/did.

I went to see my Mum for the first time since I fell out with my sister.  Fortunately, my sister wasn’t there.  Seems she’s finding a way of catching every infection under the sun.

John’s Gran is in respite care currently, which has been keeping his Mum very busy, so I’ll be babysitting John’s brother’s 2 kids for a day this week to allow my brother-in-law to go to Jury duty.  But I received a text last night reminding me that both my kids have dental appointments the very same day.  Let’s hope there’s no fighting in the dental surgery :-S

John has tickets to see Ocean Colour Scene at the weekend, so we’ll be having a couple of overnight stays near Edinburgh as a family before Sarah goes off on her adventure…Sarah goes on her camping trip to mainland Europe without us next Monday, she says she is excited and scared.  I’d be alittle miffed if she wasn’t.  It’s the first time she has been away on holiday without us, so hopefully she’s okay and not too homesick that doesn’t enjoy herself.  All I have to do is get her to the airport for 06:45 not looking forward to that.  I am looking forward to her having the experience and coming home with her own stories.  She gets back in time to start high school, which she’s also scared and super excited about.

I still have a Trello board to-do list longer than my leg to get through like the fact I need to buy the kids school uniforms, jackets and J’s school bag.  Then there’s the purchase of a shed that has been on the cards for a couple of years now, which in turn will free up the tall narrow cupboard in the utility room which will allow me to put shelves in it.  That’s something I’ve been wanting to do since we moved in, but it has always housed the pesky lawnmower and strimmer…and loads of grass!

I promise to write a bit more, and on here more since I have so many emails of support asking when my next post would be.  So it will be soon.

Thanks for coming back and reading!