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Back to School Money Saving Tips

Back to School Money Saving Tips

Last year I wrote some tips that proved to be popular with parents out there who have school aged kids, so I though I’d share some more with you including how I save quite a bit of money each year.  Here are my tips for this year.

Use cashback sites

  • Where possible, I like to use shops to buy the kids school clothes that have a decent rate on cashback websites. This allows me to buy the needed items and save money on it.
  • Ever since Argos teamed up with Sainsbury’s, you can buy TU Clothing in the Argos stores. If I time it right and use Argos, I can get a £5 voucher if I spend over £50 and a £10 voucher if I spend over £100. My school clothes order so far has come to just over £200 so I got a £20 voucher, which allowed me to save money on J’s school bag.

Use discount codes

  • There literally hundreds of websites out there with discounts on them, I mean if you don’t believe me just open up your browser and run a search. See? Told you. It can sometimes be difficult to find the right retailer, sometimes even Topcashback have discount codes.

Use discounted gift cards

  • I’m lucky enough to have a benefit at work where I can get discounted gift cards for loads of major stores. But if you’re not fortunate enough to have this, you can use sites like Topcashback Gift Cards.

Avoid delivery fees

  • I avoid most delivery costs by using Click & Collect on my orders, so when I’m ordering school clothes I do the exact same.

Cheap shoes

  • You know your own child, and whether or not they can look after their shoes or not. If you don’t, it might be worth while buying a cheaper pair of shoes and see how your child fairs with them, if they do okay you could upgrade them for a more hard wearing, slightly more expensive pair that might last them most of the year. You should always factor in a minimum of 2 pairs of shoes per school year, just the way kids feet grow.

Label everything

  • My son has a tendency to lose 50% of his school sweatshirts in the first couple of weeks of any school year. These days I plan for it and label everything he wears and could possibly take off at school e.g. polo shirts, sweatshirts, trousers, shorts, shoes, sand shoes, etc. Labeling them means there is more chance of them being returned, even if they make it into the school’s lost and found.

If you have any tips of your own, feel free to comment below.