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Scotland on Lockdown
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Scotland on Lockdown

Scotland on Lockdown

No corner of our world is untouched by the global pandemic of COVID-19. Situations like this have never before happened on this scale in our lifetime, and they bring out both the outstanding resilience and, unfortunately, the very worst in humanity. E.g. the solidarity of communities to take part in the #clapforNHS proves that people really do appreciate how the NHS staff are our first line of defense and how they are not with their families, risking their lives in this war against an invisible threat to our very existence.

I said at the beginning of the lockdown in Scotland, we’re going to end up with two sets of people after all this is over: 1. those going stir crazy feeling like caged animals who will be dying to go outside and 2. those who end up agoraphobic, with very few people in between. Personally, I’m currently in the second group, the fear of leaving the house is very real and every time my partner goes to a shop, out for a run, etc. I pretty much panic that he’ll bring something unseen and unwanted back with him. With the world the way it is right now I wouldn’t say this is an irrational fear nor would I say I am alone in feeling like this. More and more people seem to be realising just how serious the situation is, which is good. I’m also glad the Police now have the power to send the idiots home who still aren’t getting it.

I know it’s only been a week, but there are a few things I’ve learned about myself, my kids and others.

1. My kids are so much more disciplined than I realised!

They login to whichever platform their  school is using for their virtual classrooms, everyday and they do the work.  Yes they are kids and sometimes get distracted (we all do…oh something shiny!) but for the majority of the time, they are focused and do the work, then submit it.  I’m so proud and impressed with how well they’ve done this week. #proudmum

2. Businesses saying they are going under when it’s only been a couple of weeks.

If their business is going under after only 2 weeks, then it’s clear the owner is rubbish with money and shouldn’t be blaming the COVID-19 for their business going under.  It was clearly going under way before the pandemic!  What would you have done if the pandemic didn’t happen?  Who would bail you out then?  No one, you’d fold the business, and go on the dole until you found a new job.

3. Self employed people who are also [email protected] with money looking for a handout

We’ve got thousands of self employed people standing with their hands out coz they can’t feed their families.  A lot of these people are contractors, making a boat load of money that they have clearly squandered or have been living above their means for quite some time if they haven’t been able to put any away for times such as these when they won’t be working.  This is another example of how terrible people are with money!  They argue the government is bailing out employed people so why not self-employed people?  Well here’s a thought, I’m employed full time, 37.5 hours a week, I can do 100% of my role at home, so my employer is making me do that.  I will be getting paid as normal by my employer for doing my job, not out of the goodness of their hearts, but because I am putting in my 37.5 hours a week like I would if I was in the office!  So as an employed person, I’m not getting “bailed out” in any way at all, I’m doing my job and getting paid for it.

4. People thinking it’s a free holiday and getting paid for it.

Again, I’m doing my normal job, it just so happens it’s flexible enough I can do all of it at home.  There are hundreds if not thousands of people like me (and my partner) who are working very hard, at home.  I get many people can’t do their job at home so perhaps to them it’s like a holiday.  But the constant flow of memes and posts on social media about how homeschooling their kids after 3 days is driving them to drink or murder is getting old, it’s annoying and frustrating for those still working hard.  Also, there are still people out there, working very hard, to make sure the shelves in supermarkets are stocked with all that alcohol you’ve been consuming while watching TV all day without your bra on.  Not to mention the millions of other retail staff, delivery drivers, mechanics, bus/train drivers, NHS volunteers and most importantly our awesome NHS staff saving lives and keeping this country moving.

5. People are bad at judging distance!

I used to see drivers not being able to judge gaps and leaving that huge space from the car in front (that you could comfortably park a bus in) which infuriates drivers.  But this whole keep 2 meters/6.5 feet from other people not in our household is just showing how many people can’t even judge that!  It’s not rocket science, if I can touch you, you’re too close.  And the excuses that you can’t hear the person you’re talking to, chances are that person is one of the fools who let everyone on public transport hear all about their weekend when they are on the phone, so they know how to speak louder!

6. My neighbours 2 doors away are never going to move the bath towel they sat outside 2 years ago….

The purple bath towelYes they hung out their washing one day 2 years ago, a bath towel (purple one) fell off the line and it got picked up and put on the fence.  They go outside and hang out their washing and walk straight past it.  Totally dismissing it.  It does make me wonder what their house must be like though if they have something in plain sight for that length of time that they could carry 15 feet and place into their bin that they walk past every time they open their back door.

Funny how it takes the apocalypse to make you rethink things lol

I hope you are all staying safe, thank you for the kind emails, I’m just getting round to reading and replying to you guys.

Stay safe x