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My Lockdown Poem
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My Lockdown Poem

My Lockdown Poem

Laughter and sunshine,
They go hand in hand,
After lockdown it won’t be fine,
When still, so much is banned.

For many, there will be doubt,
Skeptical about going into town,
Anxious with more people about,
Feeling it’s too soon to end lockdown.

I’ve personally enjoyed being indoors,
Spending time with those I love the most,
While some have been on tours,
Travelling the country and coast.

We’re lucky to have an outdoor space,
The worst thing about it all,
Is in the garden there is no headspace,
With the neighbours music and alcohol.

Some have taken the chance,
To learn themselves new skills
Some just let their waistline advance,
By enjoying their easy refills.

Others went out for many walks,
Along roads far less travelled,
Others had more talks,
Or sat and kissed and cuddled.

Despite the sheer amount of loss,
I believe this experience will make us stronger,
Scotland developed a good ethos,
Or it could have been worse for longer.

Respect to those who were in lockdown alone,
And to the mourners, without funerals each day,
Less respect to those just out for a moan,
When it wasn’t your place to say.

I am eternally grateful to those on the front line,
From saving lives to stocking shelves,
It was finally your time to shine,
Let’s not forget delivery drivers all by themselves.