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Worst Life Hacks EVER!
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Worst Life Hacks EVER!

Worst Life Hacks EVER!

So I’ve been thinking about life hacks for the last few days now.

A phrase, traditionally used by programmers as the term for shortcuts in their coding, but now a widely used term and the meaning is still (kinda) the same. The definition of a life hack is:

“any trick, shortcut, skill, or novelty method that increases productivity and efficiency, in all walks of life.”

When it came time for me to remake the bed this week, I thought to myself: ‘Is there not a life hack for putting the duvet cover on the duvet?’

I searched for it and found a video promising this life hack wouldn’t just save me time and effort but that it would change me life. Bold claims! I watched the video then I tried it out.

Now I’m not one to brag, but normally I can put a double sized duvet inside the cover and fasten it in about a minute, and at no point is the cover inside out (turns out this isn’t normal, my Mum always said I was special!). But this burrito-roll-style life hack tells you:

  1. turn the cover inside out,
  2. lay it flat on the bed with the opening at the bottom,
  3. lay the duvet on top matching up the corners,
  4. then you roll from the top (the cover and duvet together) until you get to the bottom,
  5. pull the underside of the duvet cover round the whole thing and fasten it as normal,
  6. after that you then unroll the duvet back up the bed

Step 6 is where I lost my patience as it was going on 3 minutes! I got so annoyed I picked up the duvet from the bottom and shook it hard to unroll it. Sorry, but that so-called hack added more than 2 minutes on to my normal time of dressing my duvet and I can attest that my life has NOT been changed in any way, shape or form as a result of this “life hack”. 3 minutes of my life I’m never getting back, 4 if you include the time it took for me to watch the video.

Since I did a post on my top 10 life hacks that I actually use, I thought it only fair I do a post on the top 5 I have seen people (who I actually know) sharing on social media.

5. Putting onion in you laptop CD/DVD drive wards off any viruses Putting onion in you laptop CD/DVD drive wards off any viruses.  I don’t know where this one comes from but I’m sure it started out as a joke, or the picture is an actual disk and the person has printed a sticker of an onion to put on it.  But the people sharing this on my timeline (not the most computer literate of people I might add) and actually sent it to me thinking they were doing me a favour (as I work in IT).  I mean come, if it sounds like utter madness, it probably is.

Put your finger in the hole of a bagel it holds it steady while you cut it4. Apparently, if you put your finger in the hole of a bagel it holds it steady while you cut it. I’m pretty sure even my 9 year old would laugh at the stupidity of this one!  Absolutely no way of requiring a trip to the Causality if you try this one out…NOT! I can only hope this was someone creating this picture as a joke or the person was drunk.


Freezing batteries to make them last longer3. Freezing batteries to make them last longer. Why would anyone think this? When I was at school, I was taught that batteries should be kept at or around room temperature, away from extreme heat, direct sunlight, extreme cold and water. So why would anyone shove them in their freezer? Pretty sure putting them in a freezer would be exposing them to both extreme cold and water, I can’t imagine this would end well for the life of your batteries.

2. Putting your phone in the microwave for 30 seconds kills bacteria on it Putting your phone in the microwave for 30 seconds kills bacteria on it. My Mum told me this one on the phone and I assumed she had misheard someone when they told her it. I corrected her: it’s not your phone, it’s your sponge, put your sponge in the microwave for 30 seconds and it will kill bateria. Put your phone in the microwave for 30 seconds and there’s a good chance you’ll kill your phone and your microwave! I can only hope she understood me and wasn’t having one of those days she has so much to tell you, that she doesn’t actually listen to a word you’re saying on the phone. But yes, it’s your sponge (and not your phone) they say if you microwave for 30 seconds it will kill bacteria.

Strike a match to find the source of a gas leak?! 1. This one appears to have been published in print somewhere…in a joke book I hope!  Someone (not the sharpest tool in the box) from work shared this one. I’ll be honest, I felt like commenting on their post to say “I’m just here for the comments” as they got slated for telling people this one was a great idea for finding gas leaks.  The comments did not disappoint, even from the original poster’s Mum!  I’m quite surprised the person had made it beyond the age of 18 if they thought this was a good idea.

Please don’t take any of the “life hacks” in this post seriously or a trip to the hospital (or the morgue) are the only likely outcomes.

Always remember to verify the source, before you share something on social media, that’s how lies, stupid life hacks and crazy stories get spread.  After all, I’m sure you know someone gullible enough to believe these things.

Stay safe and thanks for reading!