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About Us

About Us

About Morag

I’m Scottish and live in Scotland. I work full time in ICT, and I’m a Mum who blogs, simple as that.  Well, it sounds simple when you say it like that but it’s quite a challenge actually.  I have 2 kids, aged 11 and 8.  I have a partner John who is my knight in shinning armour, I don’t know what I would do without him.  I don’t yet drive so he does it all including taking the kids to their clubs every week.  I enjoy crafting, drawing, reading, writing and spending time with my family.

Morag’s Blog mission statement:

To be a creative outlet to share my views, creative works as well as tips and hints that have helped me in my family life or in crafting.

About Sarah

I’m Sarah and I’m ten years old.  I go to primary school here in Scotland.  I love drawing in my sketchbook and on my laptop using Paint.  I share some of my drawings on this blog and also some of my short stories I have written.  I live writing them as well.  My Mum sets me little challenges to write pieces for the blog, like writing 500 words (hard for me I know as I like to write pages and pages and pages and pages) on a subject that she picks, or drawing a picture for her related to something, or like when she challenged me for 2 weeks to write about my week.

Sarah’s Blog mission statement:

To help me learn to type faster and more accurately, help with my writing ideas which will all help me with my school work.  Also to showcase my art and design work.


Our new blog post days are every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


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