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Resources Page

Resources Page

Here are some of the products, tools and services I use on my blog on a regular basis.  Anything recommended on here are products/services I have used personally.



1&1 Ionos Web Hosting

I use 1&1 Ionos as I feel it is very reliable, I receive a personal service when it comes to support with a named support advisor that I can message 24/7.  I’v had very little issues with this company, only once when they had a small outage a few months back but in the year I have been with them they have been friendly and helpful.  They allow you to use external domains and SSL comes standard with my package, I have found in the past a lot of companies don’t allow their SSL with external domains.  They also offer monthly payments on domain packages which I love for keeping track of my finances on a monthly basis!




I used Namecheap for my domain name, I think I got it for like £1.99 at the time for 1 year.  I can always grab another deal or transfer out at any time so they’re quite flexible.  As the domains are so cheap it’s easy to pay for your domain for a full year and set it to auto-renew is an option too.

Social Media

IFTTT banner


For sharing on Social Media I use a service that is very well known called If This Then That or IFTTT for short.  It has multiple platforms, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. and you can set it up so that when you share to one, it triggers the same post across all platforms.  I’ve been using it since I started my blog for sharing on Social Media, but I also use it for little things like remembering to switch off wifi and switch on 4G when I leave home and doing the opposite when I return home.

Other Software


OneNote (part of Office 365)

I use this on my phone for taking notes when I am on the move (usually on the train to work and back) and one of the best things about OneNote is it syncs with the version I have on my laptop so I can start writing on the train with my phone and finish writing a post on my laptop when I get home.  It’s so easy to use and super handy for brainstorming ideas when they come to me throughout the day.  I got my copy when I purchased Office 365 on their website.  As it’s part of Office 365 means it has some of the same features that come in handy that Word has, like spell check and the thesaurus – I use these so much!