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  • Help me, I'm melting!
    Getting to know Morag

    My Favourite Memory from 2018

    My Favourite Memory from 2018 While we were bringing in the bells last Monday night, my partner asked me what my favourite memory from 2018 was and I really had to think.  But since then, I’ve realised it was the…

  • Family Christmas Films

    It’s The Most Wonderful Time…

    …of the year! Now that all the decorating is finished and everything is tidied away, our Christmas tree and decorations are finally up!  We can sit down as a family and watch our favourite Christmas movies together. Here is our…

  • White Dove

    Our Apologies

    Our Apologies I apologise for the lack of posts on our site over the last week or two, we’ve been so busy.  I know it’s not an excuse to ignore you all, but trust me if there was an extra…

  • family
    Family Life

    Family Time

    Family Time With two parents out working it’s difficult to find time to try new things with your family and actually have any family time.  In between the kids clubs, work, school, sleep, chill time…it’s not easy getting an hour…

  • 5 things I did this summer
    Getting to know Sarah

    5 Things I Did This Summer by Sarah

    Summer Fun – 5 things I did this summer 1. I went to Disneyland Paris/ Disneyland/ Paris. I went on rides (at Disneyland obviously), I explored Paris (especially to try and find somewhere to eat lunch, later we ate in…