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    What’s new in May over at Wright Creations?

    What’s new in May over at Wright Creations? Here’s a summary of new products for May 2021 over at our shop, Wright Creations These make up just some of our brand new Disney range of card making kits and are available to purchase right here on Wright Creations.

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  • Worst Life Hacks EVER!
    Family Life

    Worst Life Hacks EVER!

    Worst Life Hacks EVER! So I’ve been thinking about life hacks for the last few days now. A phrase, traditionally used by programmers as the term for shortcuts in their coding, but now a widely used term and the meaning…

  • My Lockdown Poem
    Morags Written Work

    My Lockdown Poem

    My Lockdown Poem Laughter and sunshine, They go hand in hand, After lockdown it won’t be fine, When still, so much is banned. For many, there will be doubt, Skeptical about going into town, Anxious with more people about, Feeling…

  • Scotland on Lockdown
    Family Life

    Scotland on Lockdown

    Scotland on Lockdown No corner of our world is untouched by the global pandemic of COVID-19. Situations like this have never before happened on this scale in our lifetime, and they bring out both the outstanding resilience and, unfortunately, the…

  • It's Been 4 Months Already?
    Family Life

    It’s been 4 months already?

    It’s been 4 months already? Wow!  Has it really been 4 months since my last post? I seriously need to get my priorities in check. I know the emails are getting neglected, I’m sorry guys.  Facebook has very little on…

  • Autumn Crafts

    Autumn Crafts

    Autumn Crafts As soon as the first leaves began to turn any colour but green, my excitement rose!  I love Autumn (not as much as Winter, but it’s my second favourite season), all those colours and the physical change in…

  • Parenting

    Back to School Money Saving Tips

    Back to School Money Saving Tips Last year I wrote some tips that proved to be popular with parents out there who have school aged kids, so I though I’d share some more with you including how I save quite…

  • Top 10 Netflix Shows I Watched in July
    Wordless Wednesdays

    Top 10 Netflix Shows I Watched in July

    Top 10 Netflix Shows I Watched in July Since I’ve not been writing much this month, I’ve been binge watching shows on Netflix – I know I probably should be exercising more – but hey, I’m paying for subscription so…

  • It's been awhile...
    Family Life

    It’s Been Awhile…

    It’s Been Awhile… It has been over 2 months since I last opened up my laptop and wrote anything close to a blog post.  I want to say it’s because I haven’t had the time, and while I have been…